Chapter 8

Ice Breaker Games for Small Groups

Check out our handy guide to the 10 best ice breaker games for small groups. These are curated especially for groups of 3 to 15 people.

The following icebreakers are very simple ways to get the conversation going with a small group.

However, and this is essential to remember, none of these icebreakers will replace considerate and active listening on your part. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being understood and that what they’re saying is being heard.

The aim of these icebreakers is to start a conversation where you have that opportunity to do just that.

1. Who am I?

For this ice breaker activity, you’ll begin by writing down the names of various well-known people onto pieces of paper and sticking them onto the backs or foreheads of participants.

When you do the set up just make sure that the individuals or characters you choose are actually known to everyone, for example, if your new hires are all millennials then it’s unlikely they’ll be aware of the life and deeds of old-timey Hollywood star Burt Lancaster.

The participants can either then mingle around the room and see if they can figure out who they are by speaking to others, or you can take a more structured approach where they have to ask the rest of the group a number of questions to try and figure out who they are.

If you think that everyone is suitably relaxed and energised, then you can do a reverse version of this icebreaker where everyone is assigned a character and the rest of the group have to find out who they are instead. This is a particularly good icebreaker for smaller groups or a youth group.










We hope you like these ice breaker activity ideas for a small group.

Got a favourite that we haven't listed?

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