Chapter 8

Corporate Team Building Activities

Check out our handy guide to the 10 best corporate team building activities that your team will love.

Building the right corporate culture always begins with how engaged employees are with each other and to the mission and values of the brand. However, it can be difficult to foster those bonds of trust and engagement between employees when everyone is caught up in their own silos.

The great news is that with the right team building activity you’ll be able to encourage a level of interaction that otherwise wouldn’t happen and remind everyone that they’re all on the same team.

Check out the following team building activities to give your corporate culture the shot in the arm it needs.

1. Baby photos

Objective: Team Bonding & Get To Know One Another

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

How to play: A super simple game, this team building activity is guaranteed to get everyone to learn a bit more about each other and feel closer as a result.

A week or two in advance, ask everyone to bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby or a child or to send through a digital copy. Once you have all the photos, put all of them up onto a big board for everyone to see.

Then you can play a trivia style game where everyone has to guess which photo belongs to which team member, with the winner being whoever has the most correct guesses.

2. Who is it?

Objective: Team Bonding & Get To Know One Another

Duration: 45 minutes

How to play: A unique psychological quirk we all have is that the more you know about another person the more likely you are to develop a sense of trust and connection to them.

Help your team members get to know each other beyond their roles and responsibilities at work by playing this quick and easy team building activity.

Have everyone write a fun little-known fact about themselves (the crazier the better) on a piece of paper and place it in a box or hat.

Every secret is then pulled out of the box and read aloud, with everyone having to guess 'my name' who they think each fact belongs to.

3. Human bingo

Objective: Team Bonding, Communication Skills & Get To Know One Another

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

How to play: If you have at least a couple dozen people in your group, then this is a party game that can easily involve everyone and while encouraging everybody to learn a bit more about each other.

Human bingo works by giving everyone a sheet of paper with a five-by-five table that has a random fact or characteristic written inside each box.

Everyone then has to go around the room and collect the signatures of people that match the facts they have. Encourage even more interaction between people by making it so that they can only collect one signature per person.

4. Nerf battle royale

Objective: Creative Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Team Bonding & Improving Collaboration

Duration: 30 minutes to 4 hours

How to play: If you happen to work out of a large office building, transform your workplace into a battleground and your employees into soldiers by arming them with an endless array of Nerf guns.

You can play a variety of games like “Capture the Flag”, “Protect the President” or “Assassins” to encourage any variety of skills like communication, collaboration and even problem solving!

Of course you’ll be spending the next year picking out Nerf bullets out from behind desks, chairs and hidden away in drawers, but you’ll be hard pressed to have a more fun time in the workplace.

5. The buddy system

Objective: Team Bonding & Get To Know One Another

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

How to play: A great way to onboard new hires and immediately make them feel supported in the workplace is to take a page out of Culture Amp’s book with their “buddy system.”

This is a simple activity that’s incredibly easy to organize, but goes a long way in building a company culture that brings out the best in everyone. It works by asking senior leaders and managers within the company to volunteer some of their time to be a buddy to new hires.

New hires are randomly paired up with a volunteer and between the two they’ll arrange a time that works for the both of them to catch up and meet with one another for something simple like coffee or lunch.

This gives new hires the chance to quickly build relationships within the company and learn more about the company culture itself and its values. While also giving the senior management the ability to learn about their growing team and potentially even provide mentorship and guidance.