Chapter 7

Indoor Team Building Activities

Check out our handy guide to the 10 best indoor team building activities. Who said staying indoors had to be boring?

Sometimes the weather sucks, or there are bugs everywhere, and every now and then there are killer clowns roaming the streets.

Protect yourself from all that by holding your next team building event indoors where you have air conditioners, wifi, and you never have to worry about being lost out in the woods at night.

All you really need is a room large enough to hold everyone and you’re all set for your next team building activity!

Even something as simple as bonding over a jigsaw puzzle with 10,000 puzzle pieces or Jenga can be a very bonding experience.

1. Office trivia

Objective: Team Bonding

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

How to play: Everyone loves playing a game of trivia and getting a chance to show off their obscure bits of knowledge. The great news is that all you need to run this team building activity is a relevant topic and a little bit of research beforehand.

Popular topics include sports, pop culture, and music, but you can make your trivia game a bit more personal by making your topic around the business and the players themselves.

For example, questions like “How many people have broken a bone before?”, “Who scored the last goal at last week’s soccer game?” and “What are the business’s values?” are great questions to remind everyone of how much they have in common.

If you have a lot of people then consider dividing everyone into smaller groups and giving each group a fun “buzzer” they can use. The first team to hit the buzzer answers.

2. Chest of hopes and dreams

Objective: Creative Problem Solving & Team Bonding

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

How to play: Begin by asking everyone to write down a piece of paper something that they want out of life, or something that they’d like to achieve and to place it in a hat.

Also, make it clear that people don’t have to identify themselves if they don’t want to. Once everyone has contributed a wish, pull out each piece of paper and read them out one by one, and have everyone discuss how that person can achieve what they want out of life.

3. Lucky penny

Objective: Team Bonding & Get To Know One Another

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

How to play: This game is a great way to have people start interacting with and learning more about each other, especially if they’ve never met each other before.

To play, all you need to start is a gather a handful of pennies and place them in a hat. From there, everyone reaches in and takes out a coin and they’re asked to share something interesting that happened to them on the year the coin was minted.

This is an easy low-pressure kind of activity that works as a great icebreaker.

4. Memory Wall

Objective: Team Bonding

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

How to play: Start off by writing a few work-related topics on the wall like “my first day at work” or “funniest office moment” for example.

Gather everybody around and ask them to write down their favorite memory, or memories, from that prompt and to stick it onto the wall.

This team building activity is excellent at sparking conversation and having people reminisce about the positive times they’ve shared together.