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Why your team will love QuizBreaker

Builds Trust

95% of QuizBreaker users report having learnt new things about the people they work with.

Improves Communication

90% of team leaders reported improved communication after a few months.

Increases Retention

Teams that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain their best employees.

Here's what happy team leaders are saying about QuizBreaker

Susan Gracie

Susan Gracie

Global Implementation Lead -


I have a virtual team who are globally dispersed and I needed a quick and easy way to give them an opportunity to connect with each other on a personal level (instead of on a business level). I came across QuizBreaker by chance and it was a perfect fit.

Todd Coats

Todd Coats

Brand Director, AICPA

We signed on because I have team members located in 5 locations, across 4 time zones in 3 countries. I was looking for a way to tie together my team since it’s really difficult to find a time that works for everyone.
Hugh Stephens

Hugh Stephens

Director, Sked Social

The team at Sked Social has been using QuizBreaker for a while. We find it really useful for our fully remote team in particular, it helps you discover new things about people you work with that might otherwise never come up. And it’s super easy to set up and use.
David Pagotto

David Pagotto

Managing Director of Sixgun

QuizBreaker is a really awesome staff engagement activity. It's a fun and easy way to help build the rapport within a team. Our staff look forward to it every Friday. It costs far less than any other team building activity we'd run in the past.

How QuizBreaker works


You and your team answer our curated set of fun icebreaker questions.

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?


Leslie Knope


Tom Haverford


Ron Swanson


Everyone on your team receives different quizzes via email where they have to guess who said what.

To the question:

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

Who do you think answered Pawnee?


Everyone learns something new about the people they work with in a fun and easy way.

(And you get a promotion for being such a great team leader!)


Features that make QuizBreaker awesome.


It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your team, and gameplay only takes 2 minutes per round.

Play precisely when you want

You can change the day, timing, frequency and volume of how often quizzes are sent out. This is especially useful if you have a set time for your weekly all-hands meetings.

Suitable for any team size

QuizBreaker can be played in teams of just 3 people and all the way up to 1,000+. You can also create separate teams which is great for large companies.

Remote friendly

QuizBreaker can be used in teams that are distributed or share the same office.

Privacy secured

Your team's data is secured via our SSL encryption and never shared with anyone.

Mobile friendly

QuizBreaker can be played via any modern internet browser and even on the go via a smartphone!

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