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105 BEST Trivia Questions In Ranking Order [2024 Edition]

Updated January 3, 2024 · 14 min read

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of trivia questions for your next trivia game? Well, we've got a list that you shouldn't miss. This ultimate list of fun and engaging trivia questions should do the trick.

Trivia is a game that family, friends, and colleagues love playing. It tests your general knowledge skills while giving people a chance to bond and get a little competitive while they're at it.

trivia questions

Normally, you have a set of trivia questions under a given category. A host is chosen, and the questions are shared with a group of people, and you compete on who can answer the most problems.

Trivia can be played at any event, including virtual game nights, classic pub quizzes, family get-togethers, meeting icebreakers, team-building events, and more! It's a great way to engage people and also learn some new things in the process. You can play it with your friends, colleagues, or family members.

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Play Some Trivia on QuizBreaker

So, if you're ready to dive in, here's a list of some of the most engaging trivia questions for your next game broken into categories for easy reading. Enjoy!

General Trivia Questions

General Trivia Questions

These questions will test your general knowledge on topics around the basics of video games, pop culture, movie trivia, and other general information; how many general knowledge questions do you think you could get right?

Need more questions? We highly recommend checking out this list of 1,185 general knowledge trivia questions and answers.

1. What does “www” stand for in a website browser?

Answer: World Wide Web

2. How long is an Olympic swimming pool (in meters)?

Answer: 50 meters

3. What countries made up the original Axis powers in World War II?

Answer: Germany, Italy, and Japan

4. Which country do cities of Perth, Adelade & Brisbane belong to?

Answer: Australia

5. What geometric shape is generally used for stop signs?

Answer: Octagon

6. What is "cynophobia"?

Answer: Fear of dogs

7. What punctuation mark ends an imperative sentence?

Answer: A period or exclamation point

8. Who named the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan

9. How many languages are written from right to left?

Answer: 12

10. How many countries still have Shilling as currency? Bonus point: Which countries?

Answer: Four, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia

11. What is the name of the man who launched eBay back in 1995?

Answer: Pierre Omidyar

12. What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?

Answer: Samsung

13. Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?

Answer: Horse

14. Which monarch officially made Valentine's Day a holiday in 1537?

Answer: Henry VIII

15. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize (in 1903)?

Answer: Marie Curie

16. The first dictionary was written by?

Answer: Robert Cawdrey

17. Worship of Krishna is observed by which Religious Faith?

Answer: Hinduism

18. What is the name of the World's largest ocean?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

19. Demolition of the Berlin wall separating East and West Germany began in what year?

Answer: 1989

20. What is the romanized Arabic word for "moon"?

Answer: Qamar

21. Who was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Answer: Amelia Earhart

Food and Drink Trivia Questions

Food and Drink Trivia Questions

Do you want to create trivia quizzes for those gastronomy experts in your group? Here's a list of our favorite food and drink trivia questions to find out who the real food lovers are.

22. What is the rarest M&M color?

Answer: Brown

23. What is the common name for dried plums?

Answer: Prunes

24. Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?

Answer: Switzerland

25. What is the name given to Indian food cooked over charcoal in a clay oven?

Answer: Tandoori

26. What was the first soft drink in space?

Answer: Coca Cola

27. What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?

Answer: Tea

28. Which is the only edible food that never goes bad?

Answer: Honey

29. Which country invented ice cream?

Answer: China

30. "Hendrick’s," "Larios," and "Seagram’s" are some of the best-selling brands of which spirit?

Answer: Gin

31. From which country does Gouda cheese originate?

Answer: Netherlands

Entertainment Trivia Questions

Entertainment Trivia Questions

Entertainment is always a fun category. Don't worry if you're fresh out of entertainment trivia. We have you covered with this list of trivia questions from TV shows, movies, and music.

32. What was the first toy to be advertised on television?

Answer: Mr Potato Head from Toy Story

33. What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released? (Hint: It was a Disney Movie)

Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

34. What TV series showed the first interracial kiss on American network television?

Answer: Star Trek

35. What were the four main characters' names in the TV series "Golden Girls" that ran from 1985-1992?

Answer: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia

36. Which Disney Princess talks to the most animals?

Answer: Snow White

37. What awards has an EGOT winner won?

Answer: An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony

38. Which member of the Beatles married Yoko Ono?

Answer: John Lennon

39. What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters?

Answer: Anastasia and Drizella

40. What famous US festival hosted over 350,000 fans in 1969?

Answer: Woodstock

41. The biggest selling music single of all time is?

Answer: Candle in the Wind (1997)

42. When Walt Disney was a child, which character did he play in his school function?

Answer: Peter Pan

Sports Trivia Questions

Sports Trivia Questions

Can you guess the correct answer for any of these 10 sports trivia questions? From American football to the NBA, this list will have you stumped.

43. Which two countries have not missed one of the modern-day Olympics?

Answer: Greece and Australia

44. Which is the only American Football team to go a whole season undefeated, including the Super Bowl?

Answer: The Miami Dolphins(1972)

45. Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams?

Answer: Serena Williams

46. Which Basketball team has completed two threepeats?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls

47. Which Former NBA Player Was Nicknamed “Agent Zero”?

Answer: Gilbert Arenas

48. What sport is dubbed the "king of sports"?

Answer: Soccer

49. What is the name of the professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Canada?

Answer: Toronto Maple Leafs

50. Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 score?

Answer: Nadia Comaneci

51. Dump, floater, and wipe are terms used in which team sport?

Answer: Volleyball

52. Who was the first female driver to score points in a Grand Prix?

Answer: Lella Lombardi (1975 Spanish Grand Prix)

53. How many points did Michael Jordan score on his first NBA game?

Answer: 16 points

Kid-Friendly Trivia Questions

Kid-Friendly Trivia Questions

The top questions for kids you can use for any school or family trivia game. We have included challenging and easy questions to be sure there is something for everyone. Take note that some adults might not even know the answers to some of the easy trivia questions. So stay on your toes!

54. What's the fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetah

55. In little red riding hood, who does the wolf dress up as?

Answer: Grandmother

56. “Stars and Stripes” is the nickname of the flag of which country?

Answer: United States of America

57. Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

Answer: St. Patrick

58. How many colors are there in the rainbow?

Answer: Seven

59. What color is a ruby?

Answer: Red

60. In the poem Humpty Dumpty, where was Humpty when he fell?

Answer: The wall

61. Who was the first U S president

Answer: George Washington

62. What were Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch?

Answer: A pale of water

63. What country is responsible for creating the Olympic Games? Answer: Greece

Geography Trivia Questions

Geography Trivia Questions

World travellers, get your world map out and test your geography skills. Get ready to brush up your knowledge on history trivia, capital city names, South America countries and so on. Some questions are going to have you checking the answer twice.

64. What is Earth's largest continent?

Answer: Asia

65. What's the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City (Fun fact. It's less than two-tenths of a square mile!)

66. Area 51 is located in which U S state?

Answer: Nevada

67. What country touches the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: India

68. What's the city with the most diversity in terms of language?

Answer: New York City

69. The ancient Phoenician city of Constantine is located in what modern-day Arab country?

Answer: Algeria

70. Which country borders 14 nations and crosses 8 time zones?

Answer: Russia

71. Havana is the capital of what country?

Answer: Cuba

72. What country has the most natural lakes?

Answer: Canada

73. Riyadh is the capital of this Middle-Eastern country.

Answer: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

74. Which Central American country has a name which translates to English as “The Saviour”?

Answer: El Salvador

75. In what country would you find Lake Bled?

Answer: Slovenia

Animal Trivia Questions

Animal Trivia Questions

Start your trivia night with these interesting animal-themed hard trivia questions.

76. What is the loudest animal on Earth?

Answer: Sperm Whale

77. How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: 3

78. The unicorn is the national animal of which country?

Answer: Scotland

79. What are the folds of skin on a cat's ears called?

Answer: "Henry's pockets" or cutaneous marginal pouches

80. A group of ravens is known as?

Answer: Unkindness

81. How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: 8

82. How long do elephant pregnancies last?

Answer: 22 months

83. What mammals lay eggs?

Answer: Spiny anteater and the duck-billed platypus

84. What type of animal is a Flemish giant?

Answer: Rabbit

85. The name of which African animal means "river horse"?

Answer: Hippopotamus

Science Trivia Questions

Science Trivia Questions

You do not need to be a scientist to get these questions right. Science questions can cover categories like parts of the human body, animal trivia, technology, and so on. Take a guess and see how many trivia questions you get correct.

86. In what type of matter are atoms most tightly packed?

Answer: Solids

87. What is the hottest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Venus, with a temperature of 460 °C

88. What is the opposite of matter?

Answer: Antimatter

89. Which of Newton’s Laws states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?

Answer: The third law of motion

90. In 2004, what was discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia?

Answer: Remains of a hobbit-sized human

91. What is the nearest planet to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

92. What color is your blood when it’s inside your body?

Answer: Red, the blood contains hemoglobin, which is a red protein.

93. What is the largest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

94. How many teeth does an adult human have?

Answer: 32

95. What's the largest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur

Funny Trivia Questions

Funny Trivia Questions

Add these trivia questions to get your group of friends to laugh out loud. Plus, it will add to your fun fact list to tell at any party.

96. What is a duel between three people called?

Answer: A truel

97. In the state of Georgia, it’s illegal to eat what with a fork?

Answer: Fried chicken

98. Which Tasmanian marsupial is known for its temper?

Answer: Tasmanian devil

99. Iceland diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what?

Answer: Elves

100. In public places in the state of Florida, what's illegal to do when wearing a swimsuit?

Answer: Sing

101. What is the original Latin word for "vomit"?

Answer: Vomitare

102. How long is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach? How long is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach?

Answer: 55 miles

103. What can be broken but is never held?

Answer: A promise

104. What does come down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain

105. What is measured in "Mickeys"?

Answer: The speed of a computer mouse

How to Play Trivia

How to Play Trivia

Here's a quick guide on how to play trivia:

1) Pick a host.

Designate one person in your group to play the host, and every week you can switch up who the host is.

2) Choose your theme and list of fun trivia questions.

Check-out the awesome lists of trivia questions for your next face-to-face or virtual trivia night we have above! For other lists of trivia questions, you should check these blogs next:

3) Pick your teammates.

Divide into different groups, and it doesn’t matter how many people are in each team.

4) Trivia time!

Need a tool to run a live multiplayer trivia game? Check out TriviaNerd

5) Award the winners.

Let the friendly competition begin and make sure someone always is keeping score.

The team that guesses the correct answers first and with the most points wins. Award a fun prize such as a gift card or a fun trophy. You can also make this activity a weekly one and award an all-time winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you need to start a round of trivia?

At least two people so you can compete against each other, but as we like to say, the more, the merrier!

How many questions should be included?

Trivia normally is divided into a few rounds; we suggest each round include 10 questions. It also depends on how long you would like your trivia event will be.

Typically people like to play for about 90 minutes, and each round of 10 questions can take about 15 minutes to answer. So we suggest including about 60 questions.

How difficult should the questions be?

We suggest including a mix of easy and hard questions with a variety of different subjects. If you only include more challenging questions when creating your list, it can be boring for your group and disheartening if they cannot answer any of them.

Which questions are best used for team building?

Any of the questions on our list will be perfect to include at your next trivia event! But be sure to diversify your list to include different topics to allow each member to answer one correctly.

Our Tried and Tested 21 Fun Virtual Team Building Activties

That's a wrap!

Try any of these categories for your next trivia night! Trivia is a fun-filled game you can play remotely or in person. It brings a sense of comradery while being competitive. Trivia is an easy team building activity that can cater to a diverse group of people.

Looking to play trivia games online, don't forget to check out our list of 13 Trivia Games Your Group Will Love.

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