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“QuizBreaker has given us a fun way to not only get to know each other better but to also understand what drives and motivates us as individuals allowing us to work efficiently and smoothly as a team driven by empathy.”

Corina Aoi
Corina Aoi
Associate Product Manager
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“We got great use out of QuizBreaker and now our team is all ramped up. They know each other much better than before. Thanks for the great service!”

Kyle Richey

Technical Manager

“I have a virtual team who are globally dispersed and I needed a quick and easy way to give them an opportunity to connect with each other on a personal level (instead of on a business level). I came across QuizBreaker by chance and it was a perfect fit.”

Susan Gracie

Global Implementation Lead

“My team has been enjoying QuizBreaker so much my director has asked that we extend it to include the whole department!”

Zoe Pegler

Learning and Development Specialist

“The team at Sked Social has been using QuizBreaker for a while. We find it really useful for our fully remote team in particular, it helps you discover new things about people you work with that might otherwise never come up. And it’s super easy to set up and use.”

Hugh Stephens


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“QuizBreaker is a really awesome staff engagement activity. It's a fun and easy way to help build the rapport within a team. Our staff look forward to it every Friday. It costs far less than any other team building activity we'd run in the past.”

David Pagotto

Managing Director

“We signed on because I have team members located in 5 locations, across 4 time zones in 3 countries. I was looking for a way to tie together my team since it’s really difficult to find a time that works for everyone.”

Corina Aoi
Todd Coats
Brand Director
“QuizBreaker is a great tool to connect our distributed team. It's easy to setup, it's really fun and it's super affordable in comparison to some of the team building activities we've tried in the past.”

Jacqui Boland

Global Implementation Lead

“QuizBreaker seemed like a fun idea that I might consider sometime in the future...then the pandemic. What has been so powerful about it is the sense of community it has quickly created among our school staff! We know each other, but now we know each other in different ways. We also love to compete to see who scores higher than each other. It was just what we needed to get connected remotely.”

Kristi Hannigan

School Principal

“QuizBreaker- A virtual team building platform, now we have a fun and informative start to our days, we have 5 icebreakers every day at 9am, staff wait for it, and then learn about the rest of their team members and of course check out the leader board for a bit of friendly banter. Great stuff we highly recommend it!”

Pasquale Pierro

GM People & Culture

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