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Delivering virtual team building activities for remote teams used to be hard. Not anymore.

Your team might be working remotely for the first time ever or maybe you’ve been remote from day one. Either way, you have the same problem: how do you keep your team engaged and connected?

The old way

The Old Way

Running activities manually

You find an activity, you learn the rules, gather the materials and try to convince everyone to engage.

  • Time-consuming
  • Gets boring quickly
  • Can be expensive
The better way

The Better Way

Automated team bonding

Invite your team and let QuizBreaker do what it does best.

  • Runs automatically on your chosen schedule
  • New quiz questions every round
  • Engage your team with friendly competition

Here’s How QuizBreaker Keeps Your Team Engaged & Connected

Step 1

Your team answers our curated set of fun icebreaker questions

Each player you invite can answer up to 100 curated icebreaker questions that have been carefully researched to elicit fun learnings and build trust in teams. Players can skip any question they don’t want to answer.

Step 1

Step 2

Schedule automated quizzes to go out so your team can guess ‘who said what?’

Using the icebreaker answers from your team, QuizBreaker generates unique ‘who said what’ quizzes for each member of your team. These are automatically sent out via email and can be scheduled to your desired timing, volume & frequency.

Step 2

Step 3

Celebrate your team members learning about each other in a fun way

Every new round of QuizBreaker brings your team closer together at the same time as facilitating a fun virtual team-building experience. Our gamified web app celebrates each correct guess.

Step 3

Step 4

Engage your team in friendly competition via the Weekly Leaderboard

For those teams who love a bit of competition, you can activate the Leaderboard feature to congratulate new winners each week.

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Step 4

QuizBreaker has the features that makes team bonding super easy

Gamified for maximum fun

Unlock new achievement badges and levels as your team learn new things about each in each round of QuizBreaker

QuizBreaker Dashboard

Play precisely when you want

You can change the day, timing, frequency and volume of how often quizzes are sent out. This is especially useful if you have a set time for your weekly all-hands meetings.

Schedule page

Plans for all team sizes

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses & non-profits of all sizes, QuizBreaker works for everyone. Create multiple teams with anywhere from 3 to 1,000+ players.

Team members

3 Minute Setup

It takes less than 3 minutes to set up your team, and gameplay only takes 2 minutes per round.

Privacy Secured

Your team's data is secured via our SSL encryption and never shared with anyone.

Mobile Friendly

QuizBreaker can be played via any modern internet browser and even on the go via a smartphone.

Loved by hundreds of teams all over the world

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“QuizBreaker has given us a fun way to not only get to know each other better but to also understand what drives and motivates us as individuals allowing us to work efficiently and smoothly as a team driven by empathy.”

Corina Aoi
Corina Aoi
Associate Product Manager
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“We got great use out of QuizBreaker and now our team is all ramped up. They know each other much better than before. Thanks for the great service!”

Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey
Technical Manager

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