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Patrick Mabilog

Business Development Manager

Patrick Mabilog, Business Development Manager at QuizBreaker, brings a unique blend of purpose-driven passion and strategic acumen to his role. His goal is to help companies and individuals find and create effective systems for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Since joining QuizBreaker, Patrick has helped QuizBreaker’s clients effectively onboard teams and integrate the tools into their day-to-day workflows. His efforts have significantly contributed to the tens of thousands of team icebreaker quizzes run by QuizBreaker, uniting teams across the globe.

Patrick's expertise spans marketing, social media marketing, SEO, project management, and business strategy. His approach to business development is not just about driving sales; it's about building and nurturing relationships that align with the company's core values and goals.

His commitment to his faith, his family, and his career intertwines to reflect a man who is as compassionate and principled in his personal life as he is ambitious and strategic in his professional endeavors.

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