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800+ Fun & Cool Team Names for Your Next Office Game

Updated October 20, 2023

If you’re preparing for your next office game and you and your employees can’t come up with the perfect team name, look no further.

This detailed list contains a plethora of creative and badass team names revolving around different ideas, which is more than enough to give each team a sense of unique group identity and add some fun during your office games.

Feel free to choose any of the great team name ideas from our list, or maybe you and your employees will feel inspired enough to create some unique team names yourselves!

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In this article, we’ve included more than 800+ team names broken down into 12 categories. We have a little bit of everything - from agile team names, professional sports names, and other cool team names, to music-themed team names, food-inspired team names, and business or work team names.

So, take your pick!

1) Clever Team Names


Coming up with a clever team name that reflects the group’s personalities, office ambitions, potential game outcome, different ideas, and so on, can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Stampeders

  2. Strikers

  3. Office Tornadoes

  4. Usual Suspects

  5. Low Expectations

  6. One-Hit Wonders

  7. Virtuosos

  8. Atomic Bombs

  9. Black Mambas

  10. Office Devils

  11. Brainstormers

  12. Dumbledore’s Army

  13. Lords of the Games

  14. Office Lords

  15. The Executives

  16. The Clever Ones

  17. Mavericks

  18. High on Victory

  19. The Agile Team

  20. The Strategy Sages

  21. The Brainiac Brigade

  22. Innovation Instigators

  23. The Idea Initiators

  24. Office Alchemists

  25. The Puzzle Solvers

  26. The Insight Engineers

  27. The Witty Wizards

  28. The Game Changers

  29. The Masterminds

  30. Office Einsteinium

  31. The Genius Guild

  32. The Clever Crafters

  33. The Solution Seekers

  34. The Resourceful Renegades

  35. Office Virtuosos

  36. The Intellectual Instinct

  37. The Brainpower Battalion

  38. The Thought Troopers

  39. The Agile Achievers

  40. The Office Architects

  41. The Concept Conquerors

  42. The Crafty Conundrums

  43. The Insightful Innovators

  44. The Wisdom Weavers

  45. The Clever Crusaders

  46. The Wit Warriors

  47. The Acumen Avengers

  48. The Strategy Savants

  49. The Thought Titans

  50. The Office Oracles

  51. The Brainstorm Brawlers

  52. The Knowledge Keepers

  53. The Savvy Scholars

  54. The Visionary Vanguard

  55. The Creative Catalysts

  56. The Intelligence Insurgents

  57. Office Sages

  58. The Quick-Witted Crew

  59. The Logic Legends

2) Funny Team Names


If you want to bring some laughter to the office, opt for some of our funny team names.

Some may be more entertaining than others, but one thing’s certain - regardless of which team wins or loses, picking a funny team name is a guaranteed way to boost the team spirit and uplift everyone’s vibes in the group.

  1. We Showed Up

  2. We Have 99 Problems but Winning Office Games Ain’t One

  3. The Office Mafia

  4. A Team Has No Name

  5. Couch Potatoes

  6. Just Another Team in the Office

  7. Winning Office Vibes

  8. The Untouchables

  9. Game Beasts

  10. Bandits

  11. Your Worst Nightmare

  12. The Ones Who Can’t Be Named

  13. The Office Troublemakers

  14. Deuces

  15. The Geek Squad

  16. Sitting Ducks

  17. Win or Booze

  18. Incognito Mode

  19. We Drink and We Know Things (only for diehard Game of Thrones fans)

  20. Office Tornadoes

  21. The Weakest Links

  22. Bossy Pants

  23. The Slack Masters

  24. The Break Room Bandits

  25. Ctrl+Alt+Compete

  26. The Email Overlords

  27. Meeting Maniacs

  28. The Coffee Crusaders

  29. The Copy Cat Burglars

  30. The Cubicle Comedians

  31. The Desk Detectives

  32. The Paper Pushing Pioneers

  33. The Fax Machine Fanatics

  34. The Spreadsheet Sprouts

  35. The Quota Quirks

  36. The Deadline Dodos

  37. The Office Oddities

  38. The Awkward Handshakers

  39. The Keyboard Kung Fu Masters

  40. The Gantt Chart Gangsters

  41. The TPS Report Troublemakers

  42. The Meeting Mayhem Makers

  43. The Whiteboard Wonders

  44. The Office Rebels

  45. The Watercooler Whirlwinds

  46. The Snack Snatchers

  47. The Email Banditos

  48. The Stress Ball Avengers

  49. The Desk Dwellers

  50. The Slackline Slackers

  51. The Coffee Conspiracy

  52. The InBox Insurgents

  53. The Office Outliers

  54. The Staple Soldiers

  55. The Procrastination Professionals

  56. The Wi-Fi Wizards

  57. The File Cabinet Fiends

  58. The Mouse Masters

  59. The Filing Fanatics

  60. The Quirky Co-workers

  61. The Meeting Mischief Makers

  62. The Office Prank Patriots

3) Cool Team Names


What makes cool team names cool is that they’re not tied to a specific category, and you don’t need to think about puns regarding your favorite movie, singer, franchise, and so on. Yet you get to sound genuine and memorable.

If this resonates for you and your office people, the cool team names we provide below are what you’re looking for.

  1. Miracle Workers

  2. Game Conquerors

  3. Kings and Queens of Office Games

  4. In It To Win It

  5. Best of the Best

  6. The Office Legends

  7. Office Ninja Players

  8. Office Rebels

  9. Winners United

  10. Wolf Pack

  11. Circus Animals

  12. Red Bulls

  13. The Prophets

  14. The Meme Team

  15. Here We Go Again

  16. The Elite Enforcers

  17. The Strategy Sultans

  18. The Game Dominators

  19. The Office Titans

  20. The Power Players

  21. The Winning Warriors

  22. The Office Royalty

  23. The Game Masters

  24. The Victory Vanguard

  25. The Apex Achievers

  26. Office Renegades

  27. The Triumph Tribe

  28. The Dominant Dynasty

  29. The Office Sovereigns

  30. The Strategic Commanders

  31. The Supreme Syndicate

  32. The Pinnacle Players

  33. The Office Gladiators

  34. The Triumph Tacticians

  35. The Dominance Dynasty

  36. The Game Chieftains

  37. The Victory Visionaries

  38. Office Monarchs

  39. The Rulebook Renegades

  40. The Dominant Dukes and Duchesses

  41. The Office Aristocrats

  42. The Triumph Templars

  43. The Leadership Legends

  44. The Office Ascendants

  45. The Victory Vanguards

  46. The Elite Executives

  47. The Strategy Sages

  48. The Office Overlords

  49. The Game Gurus

  50. The Reigning Rulers

  51. The Supreme Strategists

  52. The Office Heroes

  53. The Pinnacle Protégés

  54. The Game Guardians

  55. The Victory Voyagers

4) Good Team Names

Good Team Names

Good team names may be hard to come across, but once you realize that a team name is the first thing people learn about you and your team, you know they’re worth looking for.

And we hope our list reassures you of that.

  1. Brain Cells

  2. Office Minions

  3. Rule Breakers

  4. Rule Makers

  5. The Unstoppables

  6. The Meme Team

  7. We Slay All Day

  8. Super Humans

  9. The A-Team

  10. New Kids on the Block

  11. The Ninja Crew

  12. The Game Masters

  13. Office Champions

  14. The Brainiacs

  15. Orcas

  16. Old Timers

  17. Office Volcanoes

  18. The Innovators

  19. The Dream Team

  20. Office Allstars

  21. The Brain Trust

  22. The Office Elite

  23. The Trailblazers

  24. The Strategy Squad

  25. The Excel Wizards

  26. The Visionaries

  27. Office Dynamo

  28. The Game Changers

  29. The Achievement Avengers

  30. The Office Titans

  31. The Unstoppable Force

  32. The Strategy Strikers

  33. Office Revolutionaries

  34. The Pioneers

  35. The Office Architects

  36. The Excel Experts

  37. The Vision Vanguard

  38. The Challenge Champions

  39. The Mighty Minions

  40. Office Phenoms

  41. The Innovation Invaders

  42. The Conquerors

  43. The Office Heroes

  44. The Strategy Stars

  45. The Excel Enforcers

  46. Office Mavericks

  47. The Victory Vipers

  48. The Trailblazing Titans

  49. The Vision Virtuosos

  50. Office Whiz Kids

  51. The Strategy Superiors

  52. The Excel Explorers

  53. The Achievement Assemblers

  54. Office Catalysts

  55. The Brainstorm Battalion

  56. The Vision Voyagers

  57. The Challenge Champions

  58. The Office Pathfinders

  59. The Strategy Sheriffs

  60. The Excel Executives

  61. Office Innovators

  62. The Powerhouse Pioneers

  63. The Visionary Vagabonds

  64. The Victory Vigilantes

  65. Office Prospects

  66. The Brainwave Brigade

  67. The Strategy Saviors

5) Powerful Team Names


Groups that are in it to win it aren’t afraid of showing this with powerful team names.

If you want to show your team’s competitive side, take a look at the following team names:

  1. Great Name Still Pending

  2. Peak Performers

  3. Winners Win

  4. Divide and Conquer

  5. The Fierce

  6. Those Who Never Surrender

  7. The Unhinged

  8. The Office Gladiators

  9. The Loose Ends

  10. Intelligence Hub

  11. Hot Shots

  12. The Unstoppable Force

  13. Brain Trust

  14. Dominators

  15. The Invincibles

  16. Elite Executers

  17. The Unbeatable Union

  18. The Titans of Triumph

  19. The Indomitable Brigade

  20. Supreme Strategists

  21. The Game Commandos

  22. The Powerhouse Patriots

  23. The Victorious Vanguard

  24. Masters of Mayhem

  25. The Relentless Royals

  26. The Ironclad Innovators

  27. The Mighty Mavericks

  28. Office Overlords

  29. The Strategy Stalwarts

  30. The Unrelenting United

  31. The Unconquerable Crew

  32. The Absolute Aces

  33. The Dominant Dynamos

  34. The Excellence Ensemble

  35. The Iron Will Warriors

  36. The Office Conquerors

  37. The Undefeatable Union

  38. The Strategy Sages

  39. The Resolute Renegades

  40. The Elite Enforcers

  41. The Force of Victory

  42. The Supreme Syndicate

  43. The Unyielding Yoke

  44. The Game Gurus

  45. The Power Surgeons

  46. The Supreme Strategy Squad

  47. The Unwavering Unity

  48. The Absolute Authority

  49. The Iron Might Militia

  50. The Office Overachievers

  51. The Dominant Dominators

  52. The Virtuoso Vanguard

  53. The Relentless Rulers

  54. The Unfailing Force

  55. The Strategy Sovereigns

  56. The Undefeated Uprising

  57. The Peak Performers

  58. The Mighty Monarchs

  59. The Ultimate United

  60. The Invincible Initiators

  61. The Supreme Successors

  62. The Unstoppable Synergy

  63. The Absolute Achievers

6) Girls Squad Names


Girls squad names are perfect for office games where you have the girls and the guys divided into separate teams.

Choosing some girls squad names for the all-women teams is a fun way for the players to show their girl power and creativity, so let’s see some examples.

  1. Mermaid Squad

  2. Witches

  3. Queen Bees

  4. Ladybugs

  5. Chicks With Kicks

  6. Charlie’s Angels

  7. The Intimidators

  8. Girl Gang

  9. The Spice Girls

  10. Gossip Girls

  11. The Office Empire

  12. The Chosen Ones

  13. Gazelles

  14. The Office Queens

  15. Belles

  16. Amigas from the Office

  17. The Girl Alliance

  18. The Red Head Gang

  19. Blondies

  20. Black Hair Crew

  21. A Bunch of Brunettes

  22. Wonder Women

  23. Diamond Divas

  24. Femme Fatales

  25. The Power Puff Girls

  26. The Giggling Gals

  27. The EmpowerHERs

  28. Sparkling Sirens

  29. The Pink Panthers

  30. The Flawless Femmes

  31. The Enchanted Elegance

  32. The Dazzling Dames

  33. The Fearless Females

  34. The Fierce Foxes

  35. The Stellar Sisters

  36. The Blossom Belles

  37. The Graceful Guardians

  38. The Elite Empresses

  39. The Radiant Roses

  40. The Warrior Women

  41. The Majestic Maidens

  42. The Glamour Gals

  43. The Vivacious Vixens

  44. The Alluring Angels

  45. The Enigma Embers

  46. The Charmed Chicks

  47. The Captivating Contessas

  48. The Sassy Sweethearts

  49. The Chic Chicks

  50. The Amazing Amazons

  51. The Daring Damsels

  52. The Jewel Jesters

  53. The Sparkling Starlets

  54. The Valiant Violets

  55. The Graceful Gladiators

  56. The Fearless Flamingos

  57. The Eloquent Empresses

  58. The Noble Nymphs

  59. The Audacious Amazons

  60. The Bold Bombshells

  61. The Heroic Honeys

  62. The Charismatic Charmers

  63. The Slick Sisters

  64. The Enchanted Entourage

  65. The Radiant Rebels

  66. The Royal Roses

  67. The Ferocious Fairies

  68. The Vibrant Vixens

  69. The Tenacious Temptresses

  70. The Whimsical Wonders

  71. The Stylish Sirens

  72. The Bella Beauties

7) Boys Squad Names


The guys in the office are no exception.

Boy squad names are all about funny puns, power, and amusing wording.

At least that’s what the team names on our list suggest.

  1. X Men

  2. Wizards

  3. The Undefeatables

  4. Office Vikings

  5. The Alpha Team

  6. The Jumping Jacks

  7. Blue Angels

  8. Soul Spartans

  9. Wise Guys

  10. Office Dudes

  11. Gentlemen’s Club

  12. The Tough Ones

  13. Trouble Makers

  14. Guys from the Office

  15. Bold Guys

  16. The Male Dream Team

  17. The Office Musketeers

  18. The MVPs = Most Valuable Player(s)

  19. Jungle Kings

  20. The Latecomers

  21. Savage and Average

  22. Ninja Bros

  23. Agile Team Athletes

  24. The Lumberjacks

  25. The Kings of Chaos

  26. The Maverick Men

  27. The Thunderbolts

  28. The Iron Warriors

  29. The Renegade Rockstars

  30. The Fearless Fellas

  31. The Dominant Dudes

  32. The Titans of Tenacity

  33. The Office Outlaws

  34. The Alpha Achievers

  35. The Intrepid Innovators

  36. The Rugged Rogues

  37. The Fearless Frontiersmen

  38. The Office Overachievers

  39. The Valiant Vandals

  40. The Elite Executives

  41. The Men of Mettle

  42. The Unstoppable Union

  43. The Game Gurus

  44. The Office Outliers

  45. The Bold Barbarians

  46. The Juggernaut Jokers

  47. The Dynamic Daredevils

  48. The Lionhearted Legion

  49. The Office Overlords

  50. The Resilient Renegades

  51. The Masterful Mavericks

  52. The Titan Trio

  53. The Office Outlasters

  54. The Noble Nomads

  55. The Audacious Avengers

  56. The Valiant Victors

  57. The Fearless Fighters

  58. The Office Obliterators

  59. The Supreme Sages

  60. The Daring Dynamos

  61. The Ironclad Initiators

  62. The Tenacious Trailblazers

  63. The Dominant Dynamo

  64. The Relentless Rulers

  65. The Office Olympians

  66. The Indomitable Icons

  67. The Fearless Firestarters

  68. The Bravehearted Battalion

  69. The Mighty Marksmen

  70. The Varsity Vanguard

  71. The Bulletproof Brigade

  72. The Iron Fist Fraternity

  73. The Office Overcomers

8) Music-Themed Team Names


While the music taste in the office is certainly varied, that doesn’t mean your group won’t be able to get united in their team name efforts. Let’s see some music-inspired team names for the music lovers in the office.

  1. Red Hot Office Peppers

  2. Sultans of Sales

  3. Nicki Minaj’s Anacondas

  4. Smells Like Team Spirit

  5. Quizteama Aguilera

  6. Beyonce Know-Alls

  7. Frank Quiznatra

  8. We Will Rock You

  9. The Winner Takes It All

  10. Lords of the Chords

  11. The Rolling Stones

  12. Livin’ La Vida Loca

  13. We Really Wanna Zigazig Ah

  14. Nothing Compares to.. Us

  15. Genies in a Bottle

  16. Our Hearts Will Go On

  17. The Harmonious Heroes

  18. The Rock Star Recruits

  19. The Beat Brigade

  20. The Musical Maestros

  21. The Rhythm Raiders

  22. The Vocal Virtuosos

  23. The Treble Makers

  24. The Pop Princesses

  25. The Hip-Hop Headliners

  26. The Groove Gurus

  27. The Reggae Rhythms

  28. The Jazz Jukebox

  29. The Melody Masters

  30. The Symphony Sirens

  31. The Disco Divas

  32. The Rap Rhymers

  33. The Pop Prodigies

  34. The Rock 'n' Roll Rebels

  35. The Folk Fusionists

  36. The Electric Ensemble

  37. The Indie Icons

  38. The Dancefloor Dominators

  39. The Soul Singers

  40. The Bluesy Balladeers

  41. The Country Crooners

  42. The Metal Mavericks

  43. The Classic Rock Legends

  44. The Punk Pioneers

  45. The Electronic Echoes

  46. The Alternative All-Stars

  47. The Reggaeton Rhythms

  48. The Hip-Hop Harmonics

  49. The Gospel Groovers

  50. The Retro Rockers

  51. The Latin Lyrics

  52. The Funky Fusion

  53. The Swing Swaggers

  54. The Jazz Jammin'

  55. The Choir Charms

  56. The Hiphop Harmonizers

  57. The Blues Balladry

  58. The Country Cadence

  59. The Rocksteady Revellers

  60. The Salsa Sounds

  61. The Synthwave Serenaders

  62. The Funky Freshness

  63. The Disco Delights

  64. The Indie Improvisers

  65. The Heavy Metal Harmony

  66. The Dancehall Divinities

9) Sports-Themed Team Names


You can approach the sports-themed team names in many ways and get as creative as you want.

Here are some general sport-s themed names:

  1. The Gridiron Gladiators

  2. The Soccer Strikers

  3. The Slam Dunkers

  4. The Pitch Powerhouses

  5. The Batting Brawlers

  6. The Rink Rebels

  7. The Rally Racers

  8. The Touchdown Titans

  9. The Volleyball Victors

  10. The Field Force

  11. The Penalty Kick Prodigies

  12. The Wrestling Warriors

  13. The Running Rampage

  14. The Swimming Sprinters

  15. The Puck Pushers

  16. The Kickoff Kings

  17. The Baseball Battlers

  18. The Hoop Heroes

  19. The Touchline Terrors

  20. The Racquet Renegades

  21. The Cycling Cyclones

  22. The Track Titans

  23. The Fairway Flyers

  24. The Bowling Blazers

  25. The Court Conquerors

  26. The Tee Time Titans

  27. The Knockout Knights

  28. The Jumping Jacks

  29. The Hurdling Heroes

  30. The Paddle Pioneers

  31. The Athletic Aces

  32. The Marathon Masters

  33. The Sporting Spartans

  34. The Cricket Crusaders

  35. The Rugby Renegades

  36. The Rowing Raiders

  37. The Fitness Phenoms

  38. The Ice Invincibles

  39. The Shooting Stars

  40. The Sprinting Spartans

  41. The Skating Saviors

  42. The Relay Rebels

  43. The Crossbar Champions

  44. The Dive Dynamos

  45. The Goalpost Guardians

  46. The Sporting Spirits

  47. The Boxing Battlers

  48. The Archery Aces

  49. The Lacrosse Legends

However, to simplify things, our list includes fantasy football team names, fantasy baseball team names, fantasy hockey team names, and other fantasy team names. So if there are any sports teams lovers in your office, and they resonate with fantasy football, professional sports players, and Fantasy League, showing them our list will be a good idea.

That said, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight onto the best fantasy football team names.

  1. Justin Time (Justin Fields)

  2. Sting’s Fields of Gold (Justin Fields)

  3. A-Rod and the Pack (Aaron Rodgers)

  4. To Aaron Is Human (Aaron Rodgers)

  5. The Rodgers Gang (Aaron Rodgers)

  6. The Mahomes Mahomes Gang (Patrick Mahomes)

  7. Natural Born Kylers (Kyler Murray)

  8. Cobra Kyler (Kyler Murray)

  9. Cooper Troopers (Cooper Kupp)

  10. Championship Kupp (Cooper Kupp)

  11. The Kuppetts (Cooper Kupp)

  12. High Speed Chase (Ja'Marr Chase)

  13. Chark Attack (DJ Chark)

  14. Chark Week (DJ Chark)

  15. Skyy's the Limit (Skyy Moore)

  16. The Rise of Skyywalker (Skyy Moore)

  17. Keeping Up With the Tuckers (Justin Tucker)

  18. Game of Tuckers (Justin Tucker)

  19. Mixon It Up (Joe Mixon)

  20. Mixon Business with Pleasure (Joe Mixon)

  21. Penny For Your Thoughts (Rashaad Penny)

  22. As Bright as a Penny (Rashaad Penny)

  23. Penny for the Guy(s) (Rashaad Penny)

  24. Burrowito Bowl (Joe Burrow)

  25. Trying to Burrow Some Knowledge (Joe Burrow)

  26. Bateman & Robin (Rashod Bateman)

  27. Bateman Begins (Rashod Bateman)

  28. The Real Slim Brady (Tom Brady)

  29. Here’s My Number, So Call Me Brady (Tom Brady)

  30. 50 Shades of Brady (Tom Brady)

  31. Eke Eke Ekeler (Austin Ekeler)

  32. Austin Powers (Austin Ekeler)

  33. Barkleying up the Wrong Tree (Saquon Barkley)

  34. Another ‘Quon Bites the Dust (Saquon Barkley)

10) Movie-Themed Team Names


With so many amazing movies out there, coming up with movie-themed team names wasn’t a struggle. Choosing one is a fun way to recall some of your favorite movies and show your love for the moving pictures.

Here’s what we managed to think of:

  1. The Benchwarmers

  2. 12 Angry Men

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Office

  4. Mission: Impossible - Office Protocol

  5. You Only Win Twice

  6. Win Another Day

  7. Requiem for a Team

  8. The Mighty Ducks

  9. Rebels Without a Cause

  10. Dead Poets Society

  11. The Green Butchers

  12. After Office Hours

  13. The Silence of the Winning Lambs

  14. The Dark Knights Rise

  15. Bring It On: All or Nothing

  16. Facing the Giants

  17. Behind Office Doors

  18. Take the Lead

  19. The Incredibles

  20. You Can(‘t) Win Them All

  21. Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win

  22. The Hunger Games

  23. No Team for Old Men

  24. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Game

  25. The Usual Suspects

  26. The Godfather Part Winners

  27. The Empire Strikes Back (Office)

  28. The Departed Dominators

  29. Guardians of the Galaxy (Office)

  30. The Winning King's Speech

  31. Reservoir Winners

  32. Gladiator Games

  33. A Few Good Winners

  34. Forrest Gump's Champs

  35. E.T. the Office Champions

  36. The Pursuit of Victory

  37. The Social Netwinners

  38. Office of the Titans

  39. The Wolf of Wall Wins

  40. The Good, the Bad, and the Winners

  41. Office of the Dead

  42. Inglourious Winners

  43. The Shining Stars

  44. The Grandmaster Plan

  45. The Fast and the Victorious

  46. The Gamefather

  47. Victory Hard

  48. One Flew Over the Winning Nest

  49. The Rocky Road to Victory

  50. The Victory Awakens

  51. Office Age: Endgame

  52. The Great Winning Gatsby

  53. The Shawshank Redemption Runners

  54. The Big Winning Theory

  55. The Victorious Will Hunting

  56. Men in Victory

  57. Game Day Afternoon

  58. Raiders of the Winning Ark

  59. Back to the Winning Future

  60. The Chronicles of Victorious

  61. The Office Strikes Back

  62. A Beautiful Game Mind

  63. The Matrix Reloaded: Office Edition

  64. The Life of Winning Pi

  65. Raiders of the Lost Game

  66. Office Hard: With a Vengeance

  67. The Sixth Sense of Winning

  68. The Bridge on the River Victory

  69. No Country for Winning Men

  70. The Green Mile to Victory

  71. The Godfather: Part Winning

  72. The Matrix: Revolutions of Success

11) Food-Inspired Team Names


For the culinary crowd and all the food enthusiasts at the office, our food-inspired team names will surely be of interest. This is what we came up with.

  1. Chocolate Addicts

  2. Always Hungry… for Winning!

  3. The Office Muffins

  4. Cute Cupcakes

  5. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

  6. The Crunchy Gang

  7. BB - Burrito Brothers

  8. The Spaghetti Squad

  9. Wok This Way

  10. The Gouda People

  11. The French Toast Union

  12. Salt and Pepper Crew

  13. The Bacon Buddies

  14. Gourmet People

  15. What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

  16. Best Fries Forever

  17. Donut Lose

  18. Shaquille Oatmeal

  19. Amazing Super Noodle Squad

  20. Food for Thought

  21. The Pancake Mafia

  22. Office Foodies

  23. Chop It Like It’s Hot

  24. Cheddar Lovers

  25. Gingerbread People

  26. The Caffeine Crew

  27. The Sushi Sensation

  28. Sweet Tooth Tribe

  29. The Nacho Nation

  30. The Pizza Platoon

  31. The Sizzling Squad

  32. The Tasty Titans

  33. The Waffle Warriors

  34. The Culinary Commandos

  35. The Munchie Monsters

  36. The Deli Delights

  37. The Salad Samurai

  38. The Burger Brigade

  39. The Pita Patriots

  40. The Tofu Team

  41. The Food Fusionists

  42. The Cheesecake Champions

  43. The Flavor Fanatics

  44. The Nutty Crew

  45. The Sizzle and Spice Squad

  46. The Condiment Connoisseurs

  47. The Noodle Ninjas

  48. The Crepe Crusaders

  49. The Guacamole Gang

  50. The Hot Sauce Heroes

  51. The Cupcake Commanders

  52. The Epicurean Elite

  53. The Fondue Fanatics

  54. The Sizzle and Stir Squad

  55. The Breakfast Bunch

  56. The Foodie Fellowship

  57. The Doughnut Dynamo

  58. The Sauté Superstars

  59. The Gravy Gurus

  60. The Tandoori Troopers

  61. The Flavor Frenzy

  62. The Fondue Federation

  63. The Pie Pioneers

  64. The Muffin Mafia

  65. The Gourmet Gang

  66. The Spice Syndicate

  67. The Pickle Posse

  68. The Cinnamon Crusaders

  69. The Tasty Takeover

  70. The Chowder Champions

  71. The Pickle Pack

  72. The Culinary Cartel

  73. The Sandwich Squad

  74. The Sizzle and Serve Squad

  75. The Popcorn Platoon

12) Business Team Names


You can’t really play games in the office without considering some business team names. They’re going to pop up sooner or later.

And when they do, make sure to go with the ones that resonate the most.

In the meantime, enjoy our 23 badass team names below:

  1. Business Hurricanes

  2. Game Influencers

  3. Killer Business Whales

  4. The Ultimate Over Achievers

  5. Pioneers

  6. Professionals

  7. Business Preachers

  8. Finance Wizards

  9. The Accountaholics

  10. Business Soldiers

  11. Winning Spartans

  12. The Capitalists

  13. Risky Business

  14. Business Zombies

  15. The Entrepreneurs

  16. The Company’s Darlings

  17. Office Piranhas

  18. Office Hive

  19. Fast Action Takers

  20. Dark Agents

  21. Business Ties

  22. Cubicle Comics

  23. Business Magicians

  24. The Excel Exemplars

  25. ROI Royalty

  26. Business Mavericks

  27. The Strategy Sorcerers

  28. Market Maestros

  29. Corporate Crusaders

  30. The Profit Prodigies

  31. Innovation Architects

  32. The Deadline Dynamo

  33. Business Tycoons

  34. The Deal Dealers

  35. The Office Oracles

  36. Budget Beasts

  37. The Market Marvels

  38. The Cash Flow Commandos

  39. The Strategy Sentinels

  40. ROI Revolutionaries

  41. The Income Insiders

  42. The Business Brainiacs

  43. Office Outliers

  44. The Sales Samurai

  45. The Fiscal Force

  46. The Risky Business Rebels

  47. The Business Magi

  48. Market Masters

  49. The Wealth Whizzes

  50. Office Opportunists

  51. The Goal Getters

  52. Strategy Sages

  53. The Capital Captains

  54. The ROI Rulers

  55. The Corporate Champions

  56. The Profit Pioneers

  57. Market Movers

  58. Office Visionaries

  59. The Money Mavens

  60. The Revenue Rangers

  61. Budget Barons

  62. The Business Blueprinters

  63. The Office Outlaws

  64. The Success Sheriffs

  65. The Deal Defenders

  66. The Risk Management Regiment

  67. The Corporate Command

  68. Strategy Strikers

  69. The Sales Sorcerers

  70. The Income Innovators

  71. The Cash Flow Conjurers

  72. The Business Brigade

  73. The Office Oddsmakers

Do you need some more fun names for your teams? Check out our free team name generator. You can come up with as many as 10 names at a time. Go ahead and give it a shot here.

5 Tips When Choosing a Team Name

Choosing an awesome team name from so many great ideas can be tough. To make the right decision and choose a name your teammates will be happy with, here are some suggestions that’ll make the process easier.

1) Stick to simple team names

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The simpler a team name is, the easier it’ll be to pronounce and memorize it, so keep things short and sweet.

2) Be creative

That said, keeping things simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get creative. Go for something that will stick in people’s minds long after they hear the name, and if it brings a smile to their faces, it’s a plus.

As much as we all want to have creative team names, be conscious that you don't go overboard. Avoid any offensive team names so you don't ruin relationships in the process.

3) Think about the team’s identity

A team’s name conveys a team’s identity, so it’s useful for you and your group to decide what your team is all about. What kind of impression are you interested in leaving? What does the team name mean to you? What are you trying to achieve with it?

For instance, if you’re trying to appear funny, go with options such as We Have 99 Problems but Winning Office Games Ain’t One, Couch Potatoes, The Ones Who Can’t Be Named, or A Team Has No Name. Or if you’re movie enthusiasts, movie-themed team names will perfectly convey that. If you want a random team name, go with a category that speaks to you at that given moment.

4) Ensure the trivia team name corresponds to the office game you’re playing

For instance, if you’re playing a trivia game with a focus on food and drinks, opt for some of the team names we’ve outlined in the Food-Inspired Team Names section.

If you’re hosting sports teams-based office game, check out some of the sports-inspired team names we’ve suggested.

5) Consult your group

Before making any decisions, consult your team members and see how they feel about certain suggestions. What type of team names are they fond of? What team names do they generally dislike?

It’s best to pick a few and then vote for the one everyone seems to approve of the most.

Finally, keep track of all the team names you’ve used in the office so far so you can choose a different one each time you play games in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize your next office game?

There are no exact rules you should follow when it comes to organizing your next office game; it all depends on how you envision the event.

With that said, there are always some suggestions and instructions you can keep in mind which can help you organize your office games with greater ease. Below, we discuss them.

1) Schedule a time and date

You can’t plan your office game until you schedule it and everyone (or at least the majority of the group in the office) has confirmed their attendance. The best way to find a time slot that works for everyone is by asking your employees what works for them.

If you want to do things much quicker, send an online survey and have everyone pick the time they’re available.

2) Pick the office game

After scheduling the office game, it’s time to pick the actual game.

What is it that you see yourself doing with your employees? Is it a murder mystery party? Perhaps an escape room? Maybe you haven’t hosted a Scavenger Hunt for some time? How about a casino night or a team bingo event?

Consult your employees and see which ideas they resonate with the most. Keep the number of attendees in mind because some games are more suitable for larger, while others for smaller groups.

For instance, if you’re hosting an office game for many employees, organizing a Scavenger Hunt might get a bit chaotic. However, it may be perfect to consider an escape room game or a murder mystery party with a lot of characters.

If you're working with an online team, you shoud consider playing remote team building activities.

3) Plan the office game logistics

The office game logistics bit refers to several things.

First of all, you need to choose a host. It can be you or someone from the team, and if you have the budget for it, you might also consider employing a professional host.

Next, depending on the office game you’ve chosen, you need to make a detailed plan and decide on the rules. Is it a straightforward game, or is it a game that requires more detailed planning? For instance, if you’re hosting a trivia office game, how many groups would you have? How many points do teams get for providing the right answer? When they give a false answer, however, do they lose some points? And who would be keeping the score?

Next, will you be giving some awards to the winning team(s)? Consider things such as Amazon gift cards, goody bags, random vouchers, or perhaps even a day off.

Lastly, pick a specific venue within the office building that’s the most suitable for the office game you’ll be playing.

4) Ask for help

You don’t have to do and plan everything on your own.

Whenever you come across an obstacle you can’t quite manage to solve on your own, ask for assistance. For instance, if you struggle with a technology-related issue, go to your IT team. If you can’t seem to answer employees’ questions regarding the upcoming office party event, have your HR team do it.

5) Enjoy

Have fun.

Office games are meant to be enjoyed, not just by your employees, but by you as well. The organization and the planning bit shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying the game.

6) Reflect upon the office game

Once you’re done with the office game event, run a brief survey in the office to see how everyone feels about the office game and what can be improved on for next such events.

Here are some ideas about what you can include in the survey:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), how would you assess the office game?

  2. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), how happy were you with the game host?

  3. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), how much did you resonate with the chosen game?

  4. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), how much did you resonate with your team?

  5. How likely are you to attend other such office game events in the future? (1) Not likely; (2) Somewhat likely; (3) Very likely;

  6. How likely are you to recommend such office game gatherings to colleagues who couldn’t attend this time? (1) Not likely; (2) Somewhat likely; (3) Very likely;

  7. How clear were the game instructions you and your team received?

  8. Was there anything that surprised you? If yes, what was it?

  9. What’s something that you’d like to see during the next office game events?

  10. Do you have other suggestions about games we could organize in the office?

That said, it’s not just your employees who should reflect on the office game. You should also contemplate your feelings about the office event.

Consider questions such as:

  • Am I happy with how the office game unfolded?

  • Is there anything that really surprised me?

  • What could I have done differently?

  • What should I change for the next office game?

  • Were there any latecomers? Did that impact the game in any negative way?

  • Was there anything I forgot to do? If yes, what was it?

  • Should I ask for more help the next time?

Keep in mind that engaging in such reflection should be done the day after the office game event. You’d like to be able to recall details and contemplate your emotions while they’re still fresh. The same applies to your employees’ feedback.

Finally, don’t forget to have every team pick their team name before you start playing!

Why should you run games in the office?

Office games come with a plethora of benefits, and below we discuss the most important ones.

1) Helping employees unwind

Office games help employees relax after a hard day at work. This is when they can connect with their colleagues and have fun while still being in an office setting, and experience the space in a totally different way.

Office games are a perfect reward after a challenging meeting or a demanding product launch, and you can make them as short or as long as you and your team want.

2) Using them for ice breaker purposes

Introducing icebreaker games in the office is great for a wide range of business contexts, especially for team-building purposes. Namely, you could have new interns, new employees, or employees who have been with you for some time but don’t know everyone in the company, and such games are the perfect opportunity for them to socialize and connect.

Moreover, icebreakers can be a great boost before an upcoming meeting, tough week ahead, busy launches, and so on. Answering funny questions is the perfect distresser that also affects employee motivation and engagement in a positive way.

3) Paving the way for friendly competition

It goes without saying that office games create many opportunities for friendly competition. This not only helps everyone break away from the routine they’re so used to, but keeps your employees motivated to be the best and outperform long after the actual game is over.

4) Improving interpersonal relationships

Office games help boost the interaction levels in the office more than you can imagine. They enable colleagues to catch up with peers, share thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and listen to what others have to say.

And the best part?

None of this has to be forced - it happens spontaneously. After all, playing office games involves collaboration and communication as your employees are working toward a common goal - to win the game.

Today they’re winning an office game, tomorrow they’ll be winning in your industry and securing sales. That’s how it goes.

5) Boosting employees’ creativity

And this starts way before the actual office game that takes place - just think about the process of picking new team names.

6) Helping employees notice leadership potential among employees

Office games are a great way for employers such as yourself to spot those employees who truly stand out from the crowd with their ideas, resourcefulness, and more importantly, their leadership potential.

These are the people who always have a plan B, have no trouble whatsoever communicating their ideas to the rest of the group, come up with playful solutions, and delegate tasks within their group in a successful manner.

7) Allowing employees to have fun

Office games are enjoyable and funny. There’s something special about engaging in games with peers you’re used to working with all the time.

Coming up with answers, providing solutions, trying to keep up with the score, competing with other teams, all while having fun - few events can live up to the excitement that comes with office games.

Final Words

To wrap up, choosing awesome team names for your next office game can be a fun way to connect with your people in the office, get your creative juices flowing, and enjoy the game before it actually starts.

The list of badass team names we provided you with may not be exhaustive, however, it’s more than enough to get you started. And while coming up with badass team names doesn’t guarantee winning the office game, it certainly gives you a head start.

Patrick Mabilog

Article by

Patrick Mabilog

Patrick Mabilog is the Business Development Manager and Customer Success Manager at QuizBreaker and a lover of all things team-building-related. He served in Human Resources and Marketing roles before joining the Quizbreaker team.

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