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Top 12 Virtual Scavenger Hunt Games [Tried and Tested]

Updated November 7, 2023 · 10 min read

Are you looking for something different to do at your next virtual event, whether it is for team building at work or a virtual birthday party? Virtual scavenger hunts are engaging and will capture your group’s attention.

Online scavenger hunt games aren’t just another Zoom meeting or event; they allow players to move around, get creative, and build a community even if it is at a distance.

If you're looking for a new way to engage your online team, this is a great idea to try out during a weekly meeting, virtual team building activity, or any other virtual get-together.

What Is A Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

Virtual or online scavenger hunts are online games that are based on the classic scavenger hunt game. They are online timed competitions where players or teams compete against each other.

The challenges are typically made up of finding items, solving puzzles, or riddles. Many Zoom scavenger hunt experiences are personalized to your team or location.

Among other online team games you can play, online scavenger hunts stand out. That's because they are perfect for team-building activities or any virtual event no matter the size or shape. Virtual Scavenger hunt experiences are designed to activate your time management and problem-solving skills.

They also motivate your group to get up and move around within their work or living space.

Looking for other awesome virtual team building activities to play with your colleagues and friends? Check out our list of the best virtual team building activities.

Best Virtual Scavenger Hunt Games

Don’t know where to start? Well, these virtual scavenger hunt apps and games make it easy for anyone to set up a fun and creative activity for all ages and have a good time!

1) GooseChase

With these crazy times, virtual team building and remote work have become a staple in many people’s lives. But that doesn’t mean the emphasis on maintaining company culture needs to stop. GooseChase has designed a virtual scavenger hunt that you can customize for your remote team. All you have to do is contact the GooseChase team to start your scavenger hunt and notify your participants to join. All players can play by downloading their app either on iOS or Android.

Check-out GooseChase here.


2) Virtual Escape Quest by Confetti

Confetti’s Virtual Escape Quest has mashed up the best qualities of an escape room and a scavenger hunt into their variety of different games. Designed to boost your team’s morale and leadership skills. Your team members will need to work together to solve riddles and puzzles to beat the clock.

Check-out Virtual Escape Quest by Confetti.

Virtual Escape Quest by Confetti

3) Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Let’s Roam

Let’s Roam plans scavenger hunts that have led happy players to uncover hidden layers of fun in their own hometowns. Now, with their in-home virtual scavenger hunt options, players uncover hidden layers of fun right within their own homes. A proprietary app makes it easy to romp around your home, completing challenges while your competitors do the same.

Check out Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Let’s Roam.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Let’s Roam

4) Scavify

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? It is a fun, interactive way to get your team collaborating. Scavify has brought to you an easily customizable scavenger hunt that is perfect for any team. It boosts employee engagement by competing in challenges where you can track their progress and measure their performance all through one app.

Check-out Scavify here.


5) Virtual Scavenger Hunt by Interactive Entertainment Group

Participants will be ready to hunt away with packed challenges. "Each round, participants will have 30 seconds to find a common household object. To earn points for their team, players must bring the object into camera view before the buzzer!"

Check out Virtual Scavenger Hunt by Interactive Entertainment Group.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt by Interactive Entertainment Group

6) Around The World Scavenger Hunts by Watson Adventure

Itching to travel the world again and explore new cultures? I know we are, but Watson Adventures has created multiple hosted scavenger hunts for your group to choose from to explore different historical locations around the world.

Our personal favorite is their “Sunshine Escapes” virtual scavenger hunt. You meet up with your host via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any of your preferred video conferencing platforms, where they give out challenging puzzles and different clues that will have you exploring in no time. A few places you will “visit” are The Great Barrier Reef, Bahamas, Miami, and to discover more places, don’t forget to sign-up.

Check out The World Scavenger Hunts by Watson Adventure.

7) Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Positive Adventures

Positive Adventures have many virtual team-building activities to choose from, but their virtual scavenger hunt is collaborative and filled with exciting challenges.

Positive Adventure’s scavenger hunt focuses on building on your team’s problem-solving and time management skills. On top of all of that, the puzzles are built to laugh out loud and create some friendly competition.

Check-out Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Positive Adventures.

8) Virtual City Scavenger Hunts by Cashunt’s

Cashunt’s virtual scavenger hunt is designed to take place in your city’s downtown area. The game is about 2 hours along and an experience that is completely customizable and played using your smartphone.

It is a fun, comedic, competitive activity perfect for virtual team-building events, birthday parties, family gatherings, and so much more.

Check out Virtual City Scavenger Hunts by Cashunt’s.

9) Remote Scavenger Hunt by The Big Smoke Events

Get ready for some of the best scavenger hunt challenges that are adapted to your team’s needs and can be done from anywhere in the world. Big Smokes Events Remote Scavenger Hunt consists of 21 personalized challenges, live hosted awards, and prizes for the winning team.

Check out Remote Scavenger Hunt by The Big Smoke Events.

10) Scavenger Stack by The Off Site Co.

Looking for a live-hosted event? Scavenger Stack is a 60 minute fully customizable challenge to fit your company culture. It doesn’t matter where your group is located as long as you have a little internet. It's also a highly flexible game that can work with smaller teams, medium-sized ones, big departments, or any team of any group size. At the end of the scavenger hunt, there is a big surprise waiting for your group!

Check out Scavenger Stack by The Off Site Co..

11) Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt by CourseHorse

CourseHorse’s scavenger hunt will have your friends and family competing in different challenges. Some of them include; typing races, scavenging around your house and solving brain teasers.

The virtual scavenger hunts last up to one hour, and groups are typically split into teams of 3-5 people. CourseHorse’s online scavenger hunt is perfect for any team size and event.

Check out Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt by CourseHorse.

12) The Work From Home Hunt by Social Scavenger

Working from home doesn’t mean after work, team-building activities need to stop. Social Scavengers has created a great scavenger hunt to boost your team’s morale.

The game can be set to last 30, 45, or 60 minutes to fit into your group’s schedules. The virtual scavenger hunt is hosted, and the judges award fun bonus points to teams with creative virtual scavenger hunt ideas or completed the challenge the fastest.

Check out The Work From Home Hunt by Social Scavenger.

How To Host Your Own Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Creating your own virtual scavenger hunt is pretty easy and can be done fairly quickly by following our guidelines. Get ready, invite your participants and add this to your next virtual event!

  1. Create a list of unique challenges and items to find within your group’s work or living space.

For example:

  • Do 5 jumping jacks

  • Look up what “vermillion” means

  • Find a stapler

  • Grab an object on your desk

  • Pick out your favorite t-shirt

  • Bring something from your refrigerator

  • Act out your favorite animal

  • Gather 2 magazines

  • Home workout gear (weights, yoga mat, foam roller, etc..)

  • What is your most recent watch Netflix show (double points if it is the same as someone on your team)

  • Grab your headphones

  • Pick a flower

  • Your most prized possession

  • An object or picture from your childhood

Be sure the challenges are done on camera, and if they need to find an object that is on the list, it must be shown on camera, not just a picture of it. To make it even more competitive certain items or challenges can be worth more points.

  1. Depending on your group’s size, you can play individually or in advance break up into groups of 2 to 4 people.

  2. Create a time limit for virtual treasure hunt. We recommend between 10 to 15 minutes. But if you have a long list and a larger group, make sure they have ample time to search their homes.

  3. Once the time is up, have everyone re-gather, and the person or team with the most points wins!

The best part of this activity is you can always change up the list of challenges and items to fit your group's needs and preferences. You can also easily create different themes for each virtual scavenger hunt. As St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, an online scavenger hunt would be a fun way to celebrate ?!

Ideas for a St. Patty’s Day virtual scavenger hunt list:

  • Draw 3 four-leaf clovers

  • Find 4 green foods in your kitchen

  • Locate a gold necklace

  • Grab a pair of green pants or a green shirt (bonus points if you have both items)

  • Search a St. Patty’s day poem

  • Sing a St. Patty’s day song

  • Look up the origins of St. Patrick’s Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are virtual scavenger hunts good for team building?

Virtual Scavenger hunts are perfect for team-building events as it is something a little different that doesn’t require your group to be in front of a screen the whole time. The tasks and challenges are quite funny and create a relaxed atmosphere.

It is also a great way to build trust and communication within your team while learning something new about your colleagues.

How many people are required to play?

There is no limit or requirement for the number of participants for this activity. But I do suggest having at least 4 to 5 people if you are competing on an individual level.

When did scavenger hunts popularize?

It was popularized in the United States back in the 1930s by American gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell. But according to Markus Montola, scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games. Thank you to the New Yorker for hunting that information.

Today, virtual scavenger hunts are some of the most popular virtual games for remote staff. Having an in-person scavenger hunt for a team building activity is a great idea too.

What are some good virtual scavenger hunt challenge ideas?

You can incorporate several challenges or puzzles into your scavenger hunt, from fitness tasks to finding objects, searching topics online, or even posting a picture on your social media. We covered some great ideas in our How To Host Your Own Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Final Words

There we have it, our list of the best scavenger hunt games and apps!

Let us know which game was your favorite or if there is any we should add to our list. Don’t be shy to create your own virtual scavenger hunt, as it will boost your team’s morale!

Heather Harper

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Heather Harper

Heather Harper has a Masters in Occupational Psychological from the University of Manchester. She currently works as an editorial writer specialising in organizational psychology - helping teams work better together.

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