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The 101+ BEST Employee Gift Ideas for Your Team [2024]

Updated January 3, 2024

Anne Frank wrote that “no one has ever become poor by giving." Pierre Corneille stated that “the manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” And Mother Theresa said that “it isn’t how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

And while such quotes are lovely to read, analyze, and come back to - they certainly don’t help us when we don’t know what gift to buy, where to buy it, and how much money to spend.

This is especially true for busy employers of small businesses- in addition to worrying about your latest product launch, meeting your yearly goals, and running your daily errands, you need to figure out what to give to your employees, too.

If this is you - we feel you. We know how tough it is to pick the right employee gift ideas. But once you get access to the right gift list, corporate gifting for any special occasion or holiday season will be as easy as ABC.

And if this sounds far-fetched, we invite you to read our article and see for yourself.

So, without any ado, let’s get onto it!

101 Awesome Employee Gift Ideas

Below, we’ll share 101 amazing employee gift ideas, employee recognition gifts, corporate giveaways, ans so many more! We know it’s a fairly long list (after all, most articles include 30 or perhaps 50 employee gift ideas maximum).

However, we truly wish to provide employers such as yourself with an extensive list, so that this article is the only one you’ll need when you plan your employee gifts.

Also, you’ll notice our gift ideas aren’t divided into separate categories or based on any specific occasions. Plus, they’re not sorted out by relevance - these unique gifts matter equally.

A bonus tip: make use of our uncategorized gift list - if you aren’t sure which idea to pick and what gift to opt for, simply think of a random number, find the gift idea that matches it and go with that one.

That said, make sure the gift idea makes sense for the specific employee and it correlates with their interest.

Finally, feel free to adjust the gifts based on your needs, the occasion, and the employee you’re buying the gift for. For instance, if you opt for gift no. 77 (slippers), and it’s summer, you can buy flip flops instead.

Home and Food Gifts

Gift Idea No. 1: A Box Full of Snacks


Ideal for the employee who…

… knows how to enjoy their lunch break the most out of all your workers.

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

  • Milky Way.

  • Pringles.

  • Popcorn.

  • KitKat.

A gift box full of treats.

A box full of sweet and sour snacks.

What employee comes to your mind first when you think of these snacks? This it the perfect gift for that sweet tooth co-worker.

Gift Idea No. 2: A Sherpa Blanket


Ideal for the employee who…

…. is always cold and wears their jacket on them at all times.

Sherpa blankets are blankets made of Sherpa fabric, hence the name. It can definitely keep people warm - even those who struggle a lot during winter.

All you need to do is think of an employee who needs one.

Gift Idea No. 3: A Wine Holder


Ideal for the employee who…

… comes with a new wine recommendation to work each week.

One can never have enough wine. The same applies to wine holders, too.

A tip: if it’s financially possible, give a bottle of wine to your employee along with the wine holder.

Gift Idea No. 4: A Water Bottle


Ideal for the employee who…

…. needs to stay hydrated 24/7.

And we don’t have random water bottles in mind.

We refer to fancy bottles such as EQUA, Simple Modern, or S’well.

Gift Idea No. 5: A Porter Bowl


Ideal for the employee who…

… appreciates nicely-packed food.

Porter bowls are great for transporting:





and even food leftovers.

They’re so great that you’ll not only buy one as a corporate gift, but another one for yourself, too!

Gift Idea No. 6: Coasters


Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t stand to see water/coffee marks on their office desk.

If there’s an employee in your office who’s always planning their next coffee break, it’s time you added a coaster to the equation.

Plus, coasters are not there just to protect the surface - they can be placed on top of a drink to signalize that the drink isn’t finished or to prevent any contamination.

Think about who’d appreciate having one.

Gift Idea No. 7: A Teapot


Ideal for the employee who…

… doesn’t drink coffee, but wants to join their peers for a coffee break.

Glass teapots.

Stainless steel teapots.

Ceramic teapots.

Cast iron teapots.

Whichever you opt for, we’re sure your employee will like it. Also, make sure to add an actual tea with the gift!

Gift Idea No. 8: Scented Candles


Ideal for the employee who…

… enjoys aromatherapy or is a perfume enthusiast.

They can evoke memories and emotions.

They bring about a sense of calm.

They brighten up your mood.

Do you need more reasons to buy the scented candle you’ve been eyeing as a next corporate gift?

Gift Idea No. 9: Set of Coffee Cups


Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t start their day without a HUGE cup of coffee (or sometimes two).

Employees either break their coffee cups, overuse them, or lose them somewhere in the office. All three are valid reasons to buy a new set.

Gift Idea No. 10: Sushi Serving Set


Ideal for the employee who…

… finds everyday food quite ordinary.

If you have employees who eat Asian food regularly and their Instagram captions read like this:

  • sushi makes miso happy;

  • soy happy together;

  • does it look like we’re fishing for compliments?;

  • there is an I in “sushi”, so get your own;

  • everything’s darkest before the prawn ;

  • fish and rice are soy nice;

  • a balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand;

  • shrimply the best.

… prepare to join the sushi lovers club because they’ll turn you into a sushiholic in the blink of an eye!

Gift Idea No. 11: A Water Purifier

Ideal for the employee who…

…. thinks the water they’re drinking isn’t healthy enough.

This is a great gift for an employee who’s fond of fancy kitchen accessories.

Gift Idea No. 12: Skincare Products

Ideal for the employee who…

… is obsessed with finding the elixir of youth.

Serums, creams, moisturizers, cleansers, and eye pads.

If an employee resonates with such products and knows what each one means, then buying them a skincare product is definitely a good idea.

Gift Idea No. 13: Refrigerator Magnets

Ideal for the employee who…

… doesn’t want to have an ordinary fridge.

When we think of refrigerator magnets, we immediately think of travel magnets. While such magnets are amazing souvenirs, we believe other types of magnets deserve some recognition too.

Will your employee agree?

Gift Idea No.14: A Kitchen Scale

Ideal for the employee who…

…. always forgets to buy a weighing scale for their kitchen.

Kitchen scales are a great addition to each kitchen. They could be a small, light-weight, and takes-little-space-in-the-kitchen gift, but that doesn’t make them any less useful.

Gift Idea No. 15: A Bottle Opener

Ideal for the employee who…

… can never find a functional bottle opener at home.

I think we can all agree that having more than one bottle opener is smart. After all, it’s in those moments when you can’t seem to find one, or when you find the opener, but it doesn’t work that you realize you need an extra one.

Gift Idea No. 16: A Hammock

Ideal for the employee who…

… is a fan of bed alternatives.

Hammocks are fun, useful, and relaxing. And even if your employee doesn’t tend to spend a lot of time in nature, owning a hammock will certainly make them change their mind.

Gift Idea No. 17: A BBQ Set

Ideal for the employee who…

… appreciates a nice barbecue gathering.

These BBQ sets are for those who wish to take their cooking skills to the next level. Owning a BBQ set provides an authentic experience, stimulates people to figure out what each grill accessory serves, and inspires them to try new experiences, such as camping.

If you opt for this gift, you might as well consider yourself already invited to your employee’s next BBQ day.

Gift Idea No. 18: A Cocktail Set

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to mix different alcohols.

  • Margarita.

  • Daiquiri.

  • Manhattan.

  • Whiskey Sour.

If you want to make your employee feel like a mixologist, here’s a great idea to do so.

Gift Idea No. 19: Spices

Ideal for the employee who…

… never cooks without several cooking spices.

  • Ginger.

  • Rosemary.

  • Smoked paprika.

  • Basil.

  • Cinamon.

  • Chili powder.

If you have an employee who not only knows what these spices are, but actually uses them, you’ve found the perfect candidate for a spice gift set.

Gift Idea No. 20: A Welcome Mat

Ideal for the employee who…

… moved to a new house/apartment.

If you choose to give a welcome mat as a gift, we recommend picking one with a humorous text, such as:

  • If you’re pizza, Amazon, or Ryan Gosling, I’m home.

  • The neighbors have better stuff.

  • Oh shit, not you again.

  • Doorbell broken. Yell “DING DONG!” really loud.

  • Wizards welcome (muggles tolerated).

  • Hello from the other side.

  • Hi. I’m Mat.

  • Please remove your shoes. The dog needs something to chew on.

  • Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee.

Which one are you getting for your employee?

Gift Idea No. 21: A Photo Frame

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to depict each moment and look at it constantly.

In a digital era where most photos remain “stuck” in our phones, laptops, or USBs, it’s rare that people decide to actually print them out and put them in a photo frame.

However, sometimes people need a reason - something to stimulate them to do so, and in this case that may very well be receiving a photo frame from their employer.

Gift Idea No. 22: A Cutting Board

Ideal for the employee who…

… never has enough cutting boards.

A cutting board is one of those employee gift ideas for those who always prepare their food as though there’s a special occasion. They need a professional cutting board to cut their ingredients, and sometimes even serve food on it, and while we’re certain they already have one, they’ll certainly appreciate a brand new cutting board.

Gift Idea No. 23: A Set of Tea Towels

Ideal for the employee who…

… spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Not only are they cute and you can find them in a plethora of designs, but tea towels also come in handy when you need to dry cutlery and kitchen tools. They’re usually sold as a set of several tea towels, and sometimes people (depending on how much they bother themselves with such details) try to match them with their kitchen decor and colors.

And while you probably have no idea what your employees’ kitchens look like, we know it’s not going to be a big deal if your employees’ tea towels don’t go well with their kitchen color-wise.

Gift Idea No. 24: An Electric Coffee Mixer

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to be able to make coffee anytime, in any place.

  • Electric coffee mixers don’t occupy a lot of kitchen space.

  • They’re easily transportable.

  • They’re quite affordable.

  • It’s easy to use them at all times.

But they need some replacement now and then, so we’re sure your giftee will appreciate the present.

Gift Idea No. 25: Meal Prep Containers

Ideal for the employee who…

… always prepares their food for the next day the day before.

Meal prep containers are soooo underrated. Just ask people who lived without them, but now have them? Will they ever go back to the old ways they used to store their food? Probably not.

And by the way, we’re referring to long-lasting, leakproof, glass-made meal prep containers, and not plastic ones.

Gift Idea No. 26: A Chocolate Basket

Ideal for the employee who…

… considers themselves to be a chocoholic.

Preparing this kind of basket requires you to unleash your chocolate imagination.

  • What flavors are you going to add?

  • How many chocolates should you put in the basket?

  • Is it mostly going to be chocolate or can you spice things up with cocoa, vanilla, and other flavors?

  • Should you stick to cookies, or just regular chocolate bars?

And before you go on daydreaming about your favorite chocolate or what you’d like to eat (we don’t blame you though), keep in mind your giftee’s chocolate wishes and needs.

Gift Idea No. 27: A Sleep Mask

Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t stand any light when they’re sleeping.

There are several things you need to take into account when deciding on the sleep mask you wish to purchase:

  • its shape;

  • its size;

  • its material;

  • whether they fully block the light or not.

Sleep masks aren’t for everyone, though. Some people may feel uncomfortable to have “something” on their eyes while they’re trying to fall asleep.

So, we advise opting for this gift only if you’re sure the giftee will appreciate it (or at least be enthusiastic to try using it).

Gift Idea No. 28: A Workout Mat

Ideal for the employee who…

… exercises at home.

Workout mats will:

  • be a nice addition to someone’s exercising routine;

  • stimulate the person to finally start exercising;

  • or will be left unused and collect dust.

You can never know which one it will be, so you just need to take your chances.

Gift Idea No. 29: Gym Weights Set

Ideal for the employee who…

… is too lazy to go to the gym, but wants to do some activity at home.

When it comes to purchasing a gym weights set all you need to do is determine how much the weights should actually weigh - are you buying them for a beginner or someone who has been physically active for quite some time now?

Instead of just guessing, try finding this information out before buying them.

Gift Idea No. 30: A Neck Massager

Ideal for the employee who…

… suffers from neck pain.

A neck massager isn’t an item that should be promoted, or an item that people should be coerced into using.

All people can think about is the feeling of relaxation taking over them. We’re pretty sure your giftee will agree, too.

Gift Idea No. 31: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Ideal for the employee who…

… is into crystals and alternative ways of healing.

Apparently, Himalayan salt lamps have the power to:

  • help you sleep better at night;

  • feel less fatigued;

  • reduce your headaches;

  • provide higher levels of relaxation;

  • help you experience less congestion;

  • and bring about an increased sense of well-being.

Don’t forget that you probably need to believe in this to allow yourself to reap the benefits. If you’re skeptical and have some sort of resistance around it, it may be that it’s simply not your thing.

All in all, finding an employee who resonates with this is key.

Experience, Subscriptions, and Gift Cards

Gift Idea No. 32: A Wine Tasting Tour

Ideal for the employee who…

… isn’t afraid to deepen their wine knowledge and explore different tastes.

You may not pay for a wine tasting tour in another country, but finding a local winery can be magical, too.

Gift Idea No. 33: An Escape Room Game

Ideal for the employee who…

… manages to find the perfect way out of every situation.

When it comes to fun employee gift ideas, we do have a lot to say. We even have a separate article on escape rooms that your employees will love!

Gift Idea No. 34: A Workshop

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to upgrade their skills.

It could be near where they live.

It may be an online workshop.

Wherever you pick, make sure it’s a workshop that will be worth your employee’s time.

Gift Idea No. 35: A Virtual Class

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to explore their hobby.

There are tons and tons of virtual classes to choose from. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cooking

  • Acting

  • Creative writing

  • Book club discussions

  • Movie discussions

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Dieting

  • Critical thinking

  • Makeup and beauty

  • Fashion

  • Leadership

  • Screenwriting

  • Journalism

  • Advertising

  • Interior design

  • Architecture

  • Mental health

  • Singing

  • Songwriting

Make your choice based on what you know about your employees.

Gift Idea No. 36: A Language Class

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to become a polyglot.

Employees passionate about learning new languages are a great asset to every company. And how cool is it that you can help them achieve their linguistic dreams?

Gift Idea No. 37: A Podcast Subscription

Ideal for the employee who…

… knows all the podcasts out there, but rarely decides to pay for them.

Podcasts are the new radio - only better, much more accessible, and much more entertaining.

We’re sure you will struggle to pick the right podcast, not only because there are so many out there, but because there are many high-quality podcasts worth listening.

Gift Idea No. 38: Online Yoga Class Subscription

Ideal for the employee who…

… believes no activity compares to yoga.

If you don’t know where to start, and have no idea what yoga criteria you should take into account, take a look at the following yoga classes suggestions:

Alo Moves - Price: $20 per month

Y7 Online Studio - Price: $16 per month

Modo Yoga Online - Price: $60 per month

Sky Ting TV - Price: $20 per month

Amazon Prime 30-day Yoga - Price: $13 per month

CorePower Yoga On Demand - Price: $20 per month

Peloton Digital Membership - Price: $13 per month

Keep in mind that no one expects you to buy an annual subscription or continue paying for the yoga classes in general. The gift may include just a monthly subscription, and if the employee finds this enjoyable, they can continue their subscription if they wish to do so.

Gift Idea No. 39: A WizzAir Plane Ticket

Ideal for the employee who…

…. can’t wait to book the next trip.





Where is WizzAir taking your employee?

Gift Idea No. 40: An Amazon Gift Card

Ideal for the employee who…

… has just been hired and you have no idea what they like.

Buying an Amazon gift card is a great option when you can’t seem to be able to pick a specific gift. The best part? The card has no expiration date, so your employee can use it whenever they feel like it.

There are several ways to approach this: physical gift cards, email gift cards, gift card claim codes, or the SwiftClaim option.

Gift Idea No. 41: A SPA Voucher

Ideal for the employee who…

… knows how to cope with their daily stress.

  • Access to the jacuzzi.

  • Relaxing in a Finnish sauna.

  • Enjoying the swimming pool.

  • Checking out the steam room.

They certainly sound appealing - the only question is which SPA center will you pick? And what employee gets the voucher?

Gift Idea No. 42: A Beauty Studio Voucher

Ideal for the employee who…

… understands what work stress does to their physical appearance.

An employee who never gets the time to schedule a massage or a facial will greatly appreciate someone giving them a voucher, thus “forcing” them to finally book their slot.

All you need to do is pick a beauty studio and decide on the value.

Gift Idea No. 53: A Kindle eGift Card

Ideal for the employee who…

… enjoys reading eBooks.

We all love hardcopy books, but technology sometimes asks us to reconsider our choices.

If you have an employee who has no problem reading both online and hardcopy books, you have sorted out their gift.

Paperbacks and Stationeries

Gift Idea No. 44: A Birth Chart/Horoscope Analysis

Ideal for the employee who…

… believes in astrology, horoscope, and spirituality.

  • Mars in retrograde in your third house.

  • Your rising sun.

  • Your Moon sign.

  • Your Saturn Return.

  • Transits.

Astrology and horoscope are said to have a lexicon on their own, and if you have an employee who comprehends them, it’s more than likely they’ll appreciate receiving such a meaningful gift.

Gift Idea No. 45: A Diary

Ideal for the employee who…

…. needs to write down their thoughts.

This type of gift is for an employee who cherishes the traditional way of documenting their lives. They don’t want digital diaries or any such apps - they want a hardcover diary and a pen to write it all down.

Gift Idea No. 46: A Daily Planner

Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t stop planning their life, their job, and their days.

There are so many fancy daily planners out there, that even people who hate planning will wish to buy at least one.

But if you know an employee who truly enjoys doing it, you’ve sorted out their gift.

Gift Idea No. 47: A Jigsaw Puzzle

Ideal for the employee who…

… has A LOT of patience.

The act of assembling weirdly shaped pieces so that you can eventually get a complete picture. What employee has the courage to see this through?

Gift Idea No. 48: Cards

Ideal for the employee who…

… appreciate a game of poker a little more than they probably should.

And not just poker cards. We urge you to get creative: there are also Cards Against Humanity, the TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game, Cinephile, and the Poetry for Neanderthals card game.

Do you have other card game suggestions?

Gift Idea No. 49: A Travel Tag

Ideal for the employee who…

… always finds their baggage in the Lost & Found area at the airport.

Your baggage is never fully ready until you put the travel tag on it.

Is there an employee in your company who agrees with this?

Gift Idea No. 50: A Book

Ideal for the employee who…

…. can’t put the book down until they see how the story ends.

  • Crime.

  • Romance.

  • Self-help.

  • Autobiography.

  • Non-fiction.

  • Detective and mystery.

  • Action and adventure.

What genre does your employee prefer?

Gift Idea No. 51: A Coloring Book

Ideal for the employee who…

… hasn’t forgotten about their inner child.

Contrary to popular belief, coloring isn’t just a children’s activity. In fact, not only is coloring not just for children, it has amazing health benefits for adults too, such as:

  • reducing stress and anxiety;

  • improving sleep;

  • better focus;

  • improved motor skills, and so on.

Here are some coloring books to get you started.

Gift Idea No. 52: Letters for a Year of Gratitude

Ideal for the employee who…

… knows why gratitude matters, and practices it regularly.

Letters are still relevant. Especially when we wish to express some of the things we’re grateful for.

Gifting someone these letters makes sense only if you know they’re going to truly “use” them.

So, pick the right employee to give them.

Gift Idea No. 53: Magnetic Poetry Kit

Ideal for the employee who…

… has poetic inclinations, but rarely gets the chance to show them.

These magnetic poetry kits are for individuals who can create things out of thin air. They give meaning even to the meaningless stuff, and are able to make uncreative work look authentic.

Gift Idea No. 54: A Wall Calendar

Ideal for the employee who…

… never knows what day it is.

Those employees who find desk calendars to be small, and digital ones too mainstream can do with wall calendars.

Gift Idea No. 55: A Meal Planner

Ideal for the employee who…

… never knows what to cook next.

Updating a meal planner each week may seem like a daunting task, but once you’re in the middle of the week and you’ve already run out of cooking ideas, you’ll be grateful you took the time to plan your food week ahead.

Which employee would make use of this planner?

Gift Idea No. 56: A Cookbook

Ideal for the employee who…

… imitates Jamie Oliver in their free time.

There are times when we wish to cook something more complicated than what we cook each day. Sometimes we not only miss the ingredients, but the actual recipes, too!

Buying someone a cookbook means you’ve already helped quite a lot.

Gift Idea No. 57: A Wallpaper Poster

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to freshen up their home walls.

It can be a quote, an animal, a funny illustration, or a personalized gift like a custom poster.

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the employee’s spirit.

Gift Idea No. 58: 100 Things To Do After Quarantine Scratch Poster

Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t stand the thought of going through another lockdown.

The 100 Things To Do After Quarantine Scratch Poster is a fun poster to possess even without the quarantine context, but if you have an employee who really struggled with the pandemic quarantines and frequent lockdowns, this may be a great present for them.

Electronics and Office Use Gifts

Gift Idea No. 59: Documents/Passport Holder

Ideal for the employee who…

…. always struggles to find their documents/passports when they need to check-in.

All of us want to organize our travel documents and passports in a neater way when we travel, and yet it feels like we repeatedly fail to do so.

While documents/passports holders aren’t magical, it’s definitely worth trying them out.

Gift Idea No. 60: A USB

Ideal for the employee who…

… is paranoid they’ll lose their documents, projects, and presentations, and therefore, they tend to save them in several places.

Employees can never have too many USBs.

But you can make yours (meaning your gift) a funny one.

Gift Idea No. 61: A Mousepad

Ideal for the employee who…

…. uses their mouse without a mousepad and they end up damaging both the mouse and the office desk.

This is probably going to go to some of your employees who have worked for you the longest - they probably need more than just a new mouse pad, though! Check their PCs, too!

Gift Idea No. 62: Headphones

Ideal for the employee who…

… wishes to listen to music while they’re working.

We don’t think you can go wrong with this gift. After all, each of us sometimes needs to use them when we talk to someone, want to listen to music without bothering others, or simply focus better on whatever it is we’re listening to.

Gift Idea No. 63: A Phone Case

Ideal for the employee who…

… has just bought a new smartphone.

The newer your employee’s smartphone, the easier it is to find an adequate phone case. Аs simple as that.

Gift Idea No. 64: An Activity Tracker

Ideal for the employee who…

… hits the gym regularly.

There are individuals who just want to do some physical activity, and there are those who wish to take their exercising to the next level.

If any of your employees belong to the latter group, you know what to give them.

Gift Idea No. 65: Blue Light Glasses

Ideal for the employee who…

… spends a lot of time working in front of the screen (and watches a lot of Netflix at home).

Blue light glasses help reduce eye strain, headache episodes, and eye diseases. We believe these reasons are enough for someone to want to try these glasses out.

What do you think?

Gift Idea No. 66: A Lunch Box

Ideal for the employee who…

… always brings food from home.

Those who understand that it’s not just children who have lunch boxes have done themselves a favor. And if you have employees who still don’t use them, now it’s the perfect chance to buy them one!

Gift Idea No. 67: A Cinema Lightbox

Ideal for the employee who…

…. needs another decoration for their homes.

Those who appreciate the retro cinema signs now have the chance to have them home. It’s almost like a toy for adults, but instead of just playing with it, people get to lighten up their everyday lives.

Gift Idea No. 68: A Powerbank

Ideal for the employee who…

… never has enough battery on their phone.

  • You’re at the airport and your phone dies.

  • You’re at home and there’s a power cut.

  • You’re at work and the socket is too far away.

  • Is this enough to convince you?

While buying a power bank for your employee, take one for yourself, too. You can thank us later. :)

Gift Idea No. 69: A Drink Insulator

Ideal for the employee who…

… makes themselves a coffee/tea, but if their phone rings they frequently forget to drink it.

Let’s be honest - we could all use a drink insulator, but do we actually bother to buy one? Not really.

It’s time for you to break the ice.

Gift Idea No. 70: A Wireless Speaker

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants a unique listening experience, but at the same time, they wish to share it with others.

Each of your employees probably loves music, and likely has a smartphone. So it’s safe to assume each of them will be thrilled to receive a new wireless speaker into their musical lives.

There are options for everyone both online and in stores - from budget options, to top-notch expensive wireless speakers.

It’s up to you to pick an adequate one.

Gift Idea No. 71: A Desktop Humidifier

Ideal for the employee who…

… can find enough space to put a humidifier alongside their documents and other “stuff” on their desk.

If you have an employee who is always on the lookout for the next desktop accessory, you can bet that a desktop humidifier is on their list.

Gift Idea No. 72: A Laptop Cooling Pad

Ideal for the employee who…

… uses their laptop 24/7.

If you have a computer nerd employee, chances are they already have a laptop cooling pad. That’s why it will probably be better to choose this as a gift for those employees who are less tech-savvy, but would appreciate owning such gadgets.

Gift Idea No. 73: A Personalized Business Card Holder

Ideal for the employee who…

… strives to obtain their business goals as soon as possible.

This is probably one of the most sophisticated employee gift ideas we’ve shared so far. It’s truly a corporate gift, and it can greatly stimulate your employee’s performance, productivity, as well as level of commitment.

Gift Idea No. 74: Pen Set

Ideal for the employee who…

… just got promoted.

One of the best gift ideas if you want something mainstream - but still very much relevant. If you pick the right pen set, it’s guaranteed it will be anything but mainstream.

Just take a look at Pen Heaven.

Gift Idea No. 75: An Alarm Clock

Ideal for the employee who…

… comes late to work (although they apologize each time).

Many people don’t buy alarm clocks at all nowadays, as they have their phones to “wake them up”. However, if you have employees who still appreciate the traditional way of waking up, they’d definitely be thrilled to receive this sort of gift.

Gift Idea No. 76: A Pet Camera

Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t stop thinking about their pet while they’re at work.

People who have pets have a hard time leaving them alone. But it’s often necessary, so they don’t really have a choice. If you have an employee in this kind of situation, we’re sure they’d appreciate having a pet camera. So, if they wonder all the time what their pet is up to when they’re not at home, you’ll basically help them get insights into the secret life of their pet.

Gift Idea No. 77: A Desk Lamp

Ideal for the employee who…

… thinks there’s never enough light in the room they’re in.

A desk lamp can be used both in their office or the employee may decide to use it in their home office instead. Either way, it has a wide range of purposes: from computer work, writing, and reading, to providing targeted illumination for sewing, painting, or knitting.

Gift Idea No. 78: A Password Book

Ideal for the employee who…

… forgets to write down their passwords and has trouble logging in.

Keeping a password book can definitely help individuals relax when it comes to memorizing their passwords by heart, or remembering where they wrote a specific password.

We dare say this is a great gift for each employee in the office, don’t you think?

Gift Idea No. 79: A Reed Diffuser

Ideal for the employee who…

… appreciates when their room smells nice.

Reed diffusers are fancy, great for scenting your home, and a great option for those who are very sensitive to powerful smells.

Plus, as they don’t require any flame or heat, they’re much safer than other “scenting” options.

Gift Idea No. 80: A Flask

Ideal for the employee who…

… wishes to look cool.

Flasks are so fancy that even people who can’t stand alcohol would agree. Still, it’d be better to give a flask to someone who consumes alcohol.

Some may decide to keep the flask as a souvenir though, instead of actually using it, but that doesn’t make flasks any less cool within the context of corporate gifts.

Gift Idea No. 81: A Phone Stand

Ideal for the employee who…

… buys phone accessories all the time.

Upon first looking at them, many might find phone stands quite unnecessary. However, once they get to use them they realize they’re a great tool to have.

They’re designed to be placed on a hard surface (such as a desk or a table) so that you can watch videos, keep your phone clean, scroll through some pics, and so on, making this a very practical gift.

Gift Idea No. 82: A Dictionary

Ideal for the employee who…

… is always looking for the next cool foreign word to learn.

An English-German dictionary?

A Spanish-German dictionary?

An English-Italian dictionary?

A Portugal-Greek dictionary?

Whatever dictionary you’re on the lookout for (for your giftee), it’s probably out there.

Gift Idea No. 83: A Selfie Stick

Ideal for the employee who…

… has the most followers on Instagram.

Selfie sticks were very widespread when they first came out, but it seems people are still using them. After all, they do come in handy in many situations.

So, whether you have an employee who had a selfie stick but they lost it/broke it, or they never had one, but would like to - you have a new employee gift idea to ponder over.

Gift Idea No. 84: Phone Camera Lenses

Ideal for the employee who…

… always takes the best photos.

Phone camera lenses are great for individuals who simply want a new, distinct view. Plus, buying a high-quality camera lens means one may expect to see their smartphone photography completely transform.

Here are some camera phone lenses to get you started.

Gift Idea No. 85: A Ring Light

Ideal for the employee who…

… manages to nail the lighting for every Zoom meeting.

Ring lights are a great lighting equipment used both in private and professional contexts. They help emphasize details, film high-quality videos, and produce macro photography.

So, whether your employee ends up using a ring light while attending a professional Zoom meeting, or they use it for their own private purposes, know that they’re presenting themselves in the best possible light. Literally.

Wearables, Art Bits, Etc

Gift Idea No. 86: A Personalized Shirt/Sweater/Hat/Coffee Mug

Ideal for the employee who…

… embraces their uniqueness across all levels.

Let’s face it - who doesn’t want to have at least one personalized gift?

Nobody ends up ordering such items for themselves, but they’re always welcomed as presents!

Gift Idea No. 87: A Caricature

Ideal for the employee who…

… has a great sense of humor.

Regardless of whether you order a caricature in a color print or in black and white, an employee who doesn’t mind seeing their characteristics exaggerated and satirized will love it.

Now, who may that employee be?

Gift Idea No. 88: Socks

Ideal for the employee who…

… has a dog which eats their socks.

Socks are fun to give for different occasions, as there are plenty of designs to choose from.

No matter how old or how serious your employees are, they’ll all (almost all, probably) enjoy a new pair of fun socks.

Gift Idea No. 89: A Baggage Cover

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to travel in style.

Some travelers want it because it looks fancy, others have it because it protects their baggage.

We don’t know what reasons your employee might have, but one thing is certain - it’s absolutely a nice present to receive.

Gift Idea No. 90: A Personalized Apron

Ideal for the employee who…

… understands that cooking is much more than an everyday activity - it’s an art.

This is great for an employee who loves cooking. However, we encourage you to also consider giving a personalized apron to someone who doesn’t fancy doing it as much. That way, they could be motivated to spend more time in the kitchen.

In any case, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try!

Gift Idea No. 91: A Belt

Ideal for the employee who…

… can’t find the time to buy a new belt, yet they come each day to the office and say they desperately need one.

Belts have always been considered to be nice and sophisticated gifts. You can go with a classical one, or a more casual belt - either way, if an employee has the habit of wearing them, you can bet they’ll find a way to include them in their daily outfits.

Gift Idea No. 92: An Engraved Keychain

Ideal for the employee who…

… carries their keys around with no keychain.

Whether it’s a keychain for their car keys, home keys, or basement keys, an engraved keychain doesn’t go unnoticed.

Gift Idea No. 93: Gloves

Ideal for the employee who…

… is always on the lookout for the next fashion accessory.

Winter can be annoying with its low temperatures and windy days, but you can try to make this more bearable for an employee with a nice set of gloves.

Gift Idea No. 94: A Backpack

Ideal for the employee who…

… needs a new backpack.

Backpacks are great long-term gifts, and we love them because they can be used in a wide variety of contexts: traveling, hiking, going to work, dressing up nicely, and so on.

Of course, you have to pick a backpack based on the “activity” you’re buying it for - for instance, a hiking backpack is not only different from a fancy, leather backpack in its appearance, but in its functionality and pricing, too.

Gift Idea No. 95 A Laptop Case

Ideal for the employee who…

… is afraid of damaging their laptop.

Laptop cases aren’t only practical - they make people look quite professional, too. If you have an employee who frequently brings their laptop home, or they go on business trips, you’ve found the perfect accessory for them.

Gift Idea No. 96: A Chess Set

Ideal for the employee who…

… is a fan of The Queen’s Gambit.

Chess is one of the best games to train your mind, logic, and sharp reasoning. Funny enough, it’s frequently used as house decor, too.

Of course, chess can be played online as well, but it’s one of those games with a different feel when you get to physically touch the objects and play it with another person sitting across from you.

And if you have an employee who feels that way, expect a chess invitation after you’ve given them the gift.

Gift Idea No. 97: Plastic Travel Bottles

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants a more practical way of packing their shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, and mouthwash when they travel.

They’re a great solution for travelers who don’t want their liquid stuff to occupy a lot of space regardless of their means of travel, or for specific flights where they need to bring only the essentials and they’re limited with storage and weight.

And while giving an employee plastic travel bottles may seem a bit random, we’re sure they’ll appreciate it when they find themselves planning their next trip.

Gift Idea No. 98: Slippers

Ideal for the employee who…

… wants to feel comfortable.

Do you need male or female slippers?

What size does your employee wear?

How much money can you spend at this given moment?

Buying slippers has always been easy (unless you’re very picky), but by following these three basic questions it’s going to be even easier.

Gift Idea No. 99: Office Desk Pad

Ideal for the employee who…

… is always organized, and wants a clean working space.

Office desk pads are one of the best corporate gifts for those who want something practical. They're great for protecting an employee’s desk from spills, scratches, or even stains. They’re even a substitute for a mouse pad, and they allow users to rest their hands on a soft surface while typing.

We dare say this is one of those good employee gift ideas which all workers deserve on their office desks!

Gift Idea No. 100: A Tote Bag

Ideal for the employee who…

… disapproves of plastic bags.

Some find them cool; others think they’re too boring and mainstream.

How do YOU feel about them being a corporate gift? With a holiday them in place of the usual company's logo, this could be a great employee holiday gift too.

Gift Idea No. 101: A Wallet

Ideal for the employee who…

… carries their money, ID, and credit cards in their pockets.

An employee with both a wallet and money (salary) from their boss.

How cool is that?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some special occasions to give employees corporate gifts?

You know what they say: you don’t need a specific reason to an appreciation gift, however, in a corporate context things are rarely gifted randomly. And this isn’t a bad thing - on the contrary, that’s what makes special occasions so meaningful and valuable.

Now, when it comes to determining which special occasions should be used for giving corporate gifts, here are our recommendations:

  1. Onboarding

Giving welcoming gifts to newly employed workers can be a very thoughtful gesture. It will not only make them feel appreciated, but it will motivate them to perform in the best possible manner right away.

Also, you may try to personalize their gifts. This is a good opportunity to pick something like gift idea no. 15 (A Personalized Shirt/Sweater/Hat/Mug). Putting the employee’s name and your company’s logo would be a nice addition.

All in all, giving employees welcoming gifts sets a positive tone not only between you and that employee, but the employee and the rest of your already employed workers as well.

  1. Job Promotion

Getting promoted is certainly an important moment in each employee’s career. It should not only be celebrated properly, but it requires proper “gifting” skills, too.

So, apart from letting your employee know they’ve been promoted, prepare a thoughtful gift to go along with the promotion statement. We advise you to pick something your employee will resonate with and make use of.

And although the gift may not “surpass” the impact the job promotion has, it may very well be a nice addition to it.

  1. Work Anniversary

Has it been five years since John started working for your company? How about Clara, who has worked here since 1999? What about Mark - he first started as your assistant, and now after all these years, he’s head of your HR department?

Recognizing a worker’s anniversary marks not only a significant connection between you and that employee, but between that worker and the company itself. It makes them reflect on their work experience there so far, their success, goals, failures, lessons, connections, projects, and so on.

Apart from reflecting on the work they’ve done so far, work anniversaries are a great way to stimulate workers to plan their future contribution within this company. And a nice gift can further support this.

Work anniversaries are always very significant, regardless of the exact number of years employees may have spent in the company.

  1. Retirement

When retirement approaches, it signals both the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one for each person who’s in the process of retiring.

For employers, retirement gifts are an option to express the gratitude and overall appreciation they have for the upcoming retiree. It summarizes a worker’s achievements and work over the years, as well as everything they’ve done for the company they worked for.

As retirements are usually celebrated and signify an important event in one’s life, they ask for adequate and grand gifts, too. Honoring the employee who’s retiring with an authentic retirement gift is the least a professional employee can do. Even if it sometimes means stepping over the budget.

  1. Festive Occasions

There are many festive days throughout the year, such as Easter, Christmas, Women’s Day, and so on.

Many countries embrace some, others are specific to particular cultures, such as Diwali or Hanukkah, for instance.

Regardless of what you personally celebrate, it’s important to consider the company as a whole. In other words, you should try to take into account all festivities that your employees celebrate.

For example, even if you have two Indian workers and they celebrate Diwali, it’d be nice to give them something. That way, this thoughtful gesture will make these employees feel truly valued and as they belong in the company, irrespective of what the rest of their peers celebrate.

  1. The Company’s Annual Day

You know how companies celebrate one year, three years, ten years, and so on, to mark the company’s starting date? Well, apart from celebrating your company’s birthday, you may give out some gifts to your employees, too.

It doesn’t have to be anything special or huge - it’s enough to help them feel like they belong to the company and have contributed to its growth. Also, such annual days are great because they highlight the company’s achievements and inspire employers to plan further ahead.

Do feel free to give something to yourself as well :)

After all, it’s YOU who stands behind this company and its ongoing success.

  1. Birthdays

You don’t need to remember when each of your employees has a birthday on your own. But you do have an HR team, and a lot of digital tools to help you recall those birthdays.

Giving a good gift to each employee on their birthday may seem like a daunting task or even quite expensive, especially if you’re running a larger company.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or pick an expensive gift for your employees’ birthdays. You may even come up with a standardized set - for instance, each employee gets a personalized keychain or a pen set for their birthdays. That way, you’re able to give this gift both to your female and male workers, and also make everybody feel as though they get equal gifts for their birthdays.

We recommend changing these gifts each year. After all, it won’t make sense to give your employees socks, pens, or keychains each year for their birthdays.

So, get creative, and find the best employee gift ideas that work for your company’s budget and workers’ expectations!

  1. Congratulatory Presents

Has an employee doubled your company’s revenue this month by signing a contract with an important client? Has a worker received an award at an international conference? Has a client emailed you saying they’re absolutely satisfied with the employee they’ve been communicating with on a regular basis?

Such moments call not only for proper celebration, but special congratulatory employee appreciation gifts as well. As an employer, you can absolutely choose to reward certain employees for the hard work they put in, or for any extraordinary achievements they may have obtained.

If employers can give bonuses to specific employees for doing exceptional jobs, why can’t they give gifts too?

Should I send gifts to remote employees?

Yes, of course. Remote workers deserve having the same benefits as those employees who come to the office, and that applies to gifts, too.

You shouldn’t divide your employees when you plan your gifts into remote workers and office workers, though. Of course, you may need to make different plans for those who work remotely - for instance, you might have to send them their gifts by mail. However, other than that, whether they work from home or not shouldn’t influence your gifting decisions.

After all, a birthday is a birthday, regardless of whether that employee came to work or worked from home. A Christmas gift is a Christmas gift, irrespective of whether you see this employee in your office on a daily basis, or they send you tons of emails and reports from the comfort of their home.

It’s kind of similar to how we described our employee gift ideas at the beginning of our article - including them in a randomized way seemed like a better solution than dividing them, or ranking them.

You get the point.

Final Words

We hope our article convinces you not only that picking a corporate gift can be easy, as there’s a plethora of employee gift ideas out there, but that it can be a fun and an enjoyable experience, too (when you know what to look for, of course!).

Finally, these employee gift ideas are just ideas - feel free to do further research or consult others about buying corporate gifts.

If you're looking for more gift ideas for the office, check out these other lists:

But one thing’s for sure - when it comes to consulting the Internet, this article is worth not only reading, but coming back to it when it’s necessary to do so.

So, we hope to see you back!

Heather Harper

Article by

Heather Harper

Heather Harper has a Masters in Occupational Psychological from the University of Manchester. She currently works as an editorial writer specialising in organizational psychology - helping teams work better together.

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