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The 42+ Best New Employee Welcome Kits for Onboarding (2024)

Updated January 3, 2024

Welcoming new employees to your company is a crucial part of the whole employment experience. Gone are the days of a simple desk, a handshake, and a company handbook. In the era of remote work, hybrid offices, and dynamic company cultures, the onboarding experience has transformed into an exciting journey of personalized welcomes and curated essentials.

That's why top companies tend to give a New Employee Welcome Kit – a carefully crafted assortment of items designed to not only equip your newest team member for success but to make them feel genuinely embraced by the company culture from day one. In this comprehensive guide, we present 42 carefully curated New Employee Welcome Kits for Onboarding in 2024.

Let's explore these memorable employee onboarding kits that go beyond the traditional and set a new standard for onboarding experiences. Whether your team is working in a centralized office, distributed across the globe, or navigating the flexible terrain in between, these kits cater to diverse needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

Get ready to redefine the onboarding journey and leave a lasting impression on your new employees with these thoughtfully curated welcome kit ideas.

New Employee Welcome Gifts

New Employee Welcome Gifts

1. The Premium Onboarding Pack

Unveil the red carpet for your new hires with The Premium Onboarding Pack. Packed with top-tier items meticulously crafted for a seamless start, this kit ensures your new team members associate their initial days with nothing short of excellence.

From premium notebooks and leather-bound planners to high-quality stationery, this welcome pack is a testament to your commitment to providing not just a job, but an elevated experience.

2. Eco-Friendly Company Kit

This eco-friendly company kit is more than just a collection of sustainable items. It's a daily companion for the environmentally conscious professional.

With a professional backpack containing a durable bottle, reusable utensils made from bamboo, and an assortment of favorite healthy snacks, each day becomes an opportunity for earth-friendly living. Showcasing your commitment to sustainability from day one, this kit demonstrates that your organization values both its employees and the planet.

3. Coffee, Cookies + Candles

Thoughtfully crafted to ensure a memorable initial experience, this meticulously selected coffee, cookies, and candles gift box goes beyond the ordinary. It provides a delightful array of elements, including artisan instant coffee to kickstart those early morning meetings with a perfect dose of energy.

The vanilla shortbread cookies serve as a delectable snack, keeping spirits high throughout the day. And to enhance the overall ambiance, there's a sophisticated touch with a tobacco and vanilla soy candle, turning any workspace into a haven of tranquility and productivity.

4. Ice Cream Float Kit

Say goodbye to complicated machines – with this ice cream float kit, creating delightful frozen treats is a breeze, and all you need is a team to savor the experience together! This all-inclusive kit brings the joy of crafting ice cream in a bag, promoting a sense of camaraderie among team members. It's more than just a treat; it's a team-building activity that adds a sweet touch to the onboarding experience.

5. Mental Wealth Box

Filled with engaging activities, captivating books, and relaxing shower steamers, this mental wealth box is a holistic approach to nurturing the mental well-being of new hires. It goes beyond the ordinary welcome gesture, demonstrating a sincere commitment to caring for their mental health. Each item is carefully chosen to provide comfort, support, and a sense of genuine care, ensuring that the new team member feels valued from day one.

6. Classic Revival Toscano Duffle Travel Bundle Set

Tailored for the traveling professional, this travel bundle set is perfect for new hires always on the move. It includes a travel duffle, passport wallet, luggage tag, and a sleek ballpoint pen – each bearing the distinctive imprint of their new company branding.

It's a thoughtful and personalized collection, ensuring that every travel essential aligns seamlessly with their new corporate identity, making their journey both practical and stylish as they embark on this exciting career adventure.

Employee Onboarding Boxes

Employee Onboarding Boxes

7. Onboarding Snack Box

Kickstart their journey with a delightful onboarding snack box that promises an array of treats to tantalize their taste buds. Whether it's delivered straight to their doorstep or neatly arranged at their workstation, this thoughtfully crafted kit ensures that their first day is infused with a burst of flavors.

With prices ranging from $25 to $100, this snack box is not just a warm welcome but also a delicious introduction to the company culture. From sweet to savory, the diverse selection of snacks caters to every palate, making their onboarding experience as delightful as it is delicious. Welcome them with a snack-filled extravaganza that sets the tone for a flavorful and fulfilling tenure.

8. Beer & Cheese Tasting Box

Combining the best of both worlds, this welcome kit is part swag pack and part tasting experience, creating a unique blend of excitement for new hires. Complete with a guided virtual pairing session, it sets the stage for a delightful team-building experience. Picture your team coming together to toast to their new colleague's first week in a lively virtual happy hour, making the onboarding journey not only welcoming but also memorable.

9. Hello There Deluxe Welcome Gift Box

Bringing a touch of indulgence, this deluxe welcome kit is brimming with premium craft goodies, ensuring new hires feel truly celebrated. Each item is carefully selected for its quality and flavor, from gourmet popcorn and marshmallow rice treats to delectable almonds and cookies.

The kit includes a customized Libretto Journal featuring a stylish fabric cover as an extra special touch. It's not just a welcome gesture; it's a sophisticated introduction to the company's commitment to excellence and style.

Employee Onboarding Packs & Gift Boxes

Employee Onboarding Packs & Gift Boxes

10. Swagged Out Sample Pack

Crafting a sense of camaraderie, this "Swagged Out" kit goes beyond the ordinary with branded t-shirts and custom stickers. It's more than just apparel; it symbolizes belonging, instilling a shared identity among team members.

Whether in the office or working remotely, new hires can wear branded t-shirts proudly, creating a visual bond with their colleagues. The custom stickers add a personalized touch, making the onboarding experience not just about orientation but about becoming part of a cohesive and united team.

11. Work from Home Survival Pack

Transform their home office into a sanctuary of productivity and well-being with carefully selected items. This welcome kit goes beyond the ordinary, offering delights like a succulent to brighten their workspace, a matcha latte mix for a moment of indulgence, and invigorating chocolate to sweeten the workday.

Crafted to create a personalized and uplifting work environment, the elements of this work-from-home kit are more than just gifts – they're thoughtful touches that show the company cares about the well-being and comfort of its new hires. Elevate their work-from-home experience with a touch of greenery, the richness of matcha, and the joy of decadent chocolate.

12. Deluxe Sugar Rush Sweets Gift Box

This magical box is joyful, featuring bright and colorful treats like cotton candy, cookies, and popcorn. Adding metallic can coolers adds a touch of sophistication, transforming the onboarding experience into a delightful affair for the entire family.

From the whimsical sweetness of the treats to the gleaming coolers, every element is meticulously chosen to create an experience that is welcoming and brings a sense of shared joy to the new hire and their loved ones.

13. Team Welcome Box

Unveil a world of thoughtful touches as you unpack this team welcome kit, designed to be a mindful experience. Each item, from the notecards to the journals, is curated with care, creating a sense of appreciation and warmth for the new hire.

What makes this kit even more special is that it is crafted by a company that champions inclusivity, employing individuals with special needs. It goes beyond the ordinary onboarding, embodying the values of compassion and support, making the journey into the company a truly meaningful one.

14. Your First-Day Kit

Embark on a journey of style and functionality with our meticulously curated welcome kit, designed to make their first day truly exceptional. The kit has incredibly useful items, such as a sleek stainless steel travel mug, that sets the tone for a stylish and practical onboarding experience.

Each element of Your First Day Kit, carefully selected and customizable, contributes to an ensemble that showcases the company's attention to detail and ensures that every new hire feels welcomed and equipped for success.

15. Custom Weekend Bundle Gear Gift Set

Equip your new hires for a versatile work-life balance with the Custom Weekend Bundle Gear Set. This carefully curated kit, featuring a Tahoe backpack, Argonaut cord, Hive speaker, and Tenfour 2.0 power bank, is designed to enhance their experience in the great outdoors, in urban settings, or during their daily commutes.

Branded to reflect your company identity, this gear set becomes a stylish companion, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among your new team members. Let your employees embark on their professional journey well-equipped and in style.

16. Premium New Hire Kit

This vibrant premium box is filled with office essentials and promises a fun, unboxing experience. From sweet treats to a journal, tumbler, mouse pad, candle, and more, each item creates a lively and engaging onboarding experience.

When your new employees open this box, they will be greeted by a burst of colors and a huge message proclaiming, "We're pumped you are here!" This kit perfectly balances practicality and excitement, making it an ideal kick-off for their journey with your organization.

17.Recipient Choice Gift

This innovative welcome kit allows you to set a budget, giving your employees the freedom to choose their perfect gift. The flexibility of this kit ensures that your new hires receive something they truly desire, adding a personal touch to their onboarding experience.

Show your commitment to individual preferences and make the first impression memorable with the Recipient Choice Gift. Along with the gift, consider including a thoughtful welcome letter and perhaps a handwritten note or your employee handbook to further enhance the personal touch.

18. Today’s Essentials S’well® Mug + Ember® Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Upgrade your team member's beverage experience with the Today’s Essentials S’well® Mug and Suede Journal Gift Set. This carefully curated welcome kit features top-notch items, including the Ember mug and S’well bottle. The Ember mug, equipped with cutting-edge technology, maintains the ideal beverage temperature, providing a delightful sipping experience.

Paired with the Suede Journal, your team member can jot down notes or sketches while enjoying their perfectly temperature-controlled drink. This premium set elevates their workday and showcases your commitment to providing top-quality essentials for a productive and enjoyable work environment.

Fun Employee Welcome Kits

Fun Employee Welcome Kits

19. Custom Mobile Office Kit

This carefully curated 7-piece swag set is not just a welcome; it's a statement. Equipped with essentials like a tote bag, collapsible silicone water bottle, bento box, journal book, sanitizer, highlighter, and pen, this kit goes beyond the basics.

What sets it apart? Personalization. Match each item to your brand's color palette, and proudly imprint your company logo. It's not just about welcoming a new team member but crafting a branded experience from day one.

20. Starter Pack

Introducing the Starter Pack – a warm welcome for your newest team members in the world of Best New Employee Welcome Kits. More than just swag, it embodies the personal touch every new employee craves.

Imagine a customized tote bag, an instant office companion, a super-soft t-shirt for cozying up to the company culture, and a stylish water bottle, not just for hydration but a statement of belonging. The Starter Pack isn't just about welcoming; it's about making a lasting impression.

21. Office Essentials

Indulge in a thoughtful welcome for your new hires with our Office Essentials package. We believe in showing that we care; this curated set embodies that sentiment. Miniature scented candles bring a touch of tranquility, filling the room with soothing fragrance.

Delight their taste buds with delectable treats, including toffee-flavored coffee for a morning boost and crunchy, tasty granola for a wholesome snack. For those sweet cravings, there are delicious cookies to create a moment of relaxation in their new office.

22. Deluxe Bundle Welcome Kit

The Deluxe Bundle Welcome Kit is luxurious gift set comprising five high-end products adorned with vibrant full-color imprints. This carefully crafted ensemble is designed to instill a sense of pride in each new team member. What sets this kit apart is its visual appeal and the practicality that each item brings.

Included in the deluxe lineup are the on-trend Penryn Laptop Pack™, Beebop Wireless Headphones, Evrybox™ 4400mAh Charger + Wireless Speaker, Argonot MFI-certified Cord with Micro-USB, and a phone SpinSocket. From the office to the on-the-go, this comprehensive kit ensures they have everything they need. Welcome them with style, functionality, and a touch of sophistication.

23. Commuter Tumbler & Snack Gift Set

Enhance their daily routine, whether working from home or commuting, with a Commuter Tumbler & Snack Gift Set. This thoughtful ensemble features a 20 oz. stainless steel dual-wall, vacuum-insulated tumbler, ensuring their beverage stays at the perfect temperature.

The tapered bottom conveniently fits into any car cup holder, making it ideal for those on the go. To sweeten the deal, included is a 3.6 oz. cube of Sour Kiddos for a quick pick-me-up.

24. Peace + Pampering

Indulge your new hire with tranquility and comfort through our Peace + Pampering package. This delightful assortment is crafted to bring smiles with its thoughtful contents. Imagine unwrapping a huggable fuzzy throw blanket, cozy socks, and luxuriously moisturizing goats milk hand cream and lip balm.

Complete the pampering experience with two select teas and the calming aura of a lavender-eucalyptus-scented candle. This package is more than just a welcome; it's an invitation to unwind and embrace moments of peace. Because a happy new hire is a productive one.

Remote Employee Welcome Kits

Remote Employee Welcome Kits

25. Work-from-Home Survival Kit

Embrace the remote work culture with this Work from Home Survival Kit – a compact yet powerful statement of your company's commitment to flexibility and fun. Measuring just 5” x 4”, this playful set packs a punch with entertaining and practical components.

Inside, your new employees will discover a 'Do Not Disturb' sign, webcam cover, conference call bingo card, desk yoga guide, fidget cube, earplugs, and more. Whether tossed into a larger gift set or sent on its own, this kit is designed to elicit a good laugh while providing essential tools for the remote work lifestyle.

26. “All in a Backpack” Kit

Infuse style and functionality into your new coworker's daily stride with our "All in a Backpack" Kit. This chic and practical swag collection is designed to add an extra swing to their step as they confidently head out the door.

The portfolio elevates note-taking to a new level of sophistication, while the sleek sleeve gives any laptop a classic touch. The work backpack serves as the pièce de résistance, seamlessly tying everything together with its good looks and ample space to hold all essentials at once.

27. Matte Waterbottle

Make a sophisticated splash in welcoming your new employees with the Matte Waterbottle – a classy and functional hydration solution. This eye-catching bottle is designed for the modern professional on the move, whether commuting to work, hitting the gym, or simply needing constant hydration throughout the day. Its sleek matte finish enhances functionality and adds a touch of style.

28. Welcome To The Team Box

This company culture-building box goes beyond the ordinary, embracing them with nutritious snacks and custom swag that speaks volumes about how delighted you are to have them on the team. It's more than just a welcome; it's a tangible expression of excitement and a warm embrace into the heart of your company culture. Welcome to the team – where every arrival is a cause for celebration.

29. “I Work At A Tech Company” Kit

Introducing the "I Work At A Tech Company" Kit, a comprehensive collection covering all the essentials. This kit is not just a gift; it's a thoughtful curation of items, including the often-overlooked, like a microfiber cloth for keeping screens fingerprint-free. Recipients will appreciate the sleek look of the power bank, find focus with the accompanying earbuds, and transport their tech in style with the inclusion of a fancy new bag.

30. New Hire Pack

The New Hire Pack is a carefully crafted collection of essentials that seamlessly integrates new team members, whether in the office or remotely. Unpacking this welcome package is more than just a moment; it's an initiation into the team. The company hoodie and Tuscany Soft Touch Journal aren't just items; they symbolize belonging and readiness for their new role. Expect these essentials to become immediate companions from day one, helping them feel connected and geared up for success within your team.

Affordable Employee Welcome Kits

Affordable Employee Welcome Kits

31. Sweetest First Day Welcome Kit

Welcome your new employees with the Sweetest First Day Welcome Kit, a finely crafted assortment that promises a royal reception. Indulge in a welcome kit that goes beyond the ordinary, offering delightful treats, sweet snacks, and key company swag items to make them feel special.

But the sweetness doesn't end there – this welcome gift isn't just about them; it's also about giving back. With each kit, you're supporting Feeding America and other charities of your choice, making the first day not only sweet for them but also meaningful for those in need.

32. WFH Energizing Pack

A pack designed to provide a delightful boost. This WFH Energizing Pack is packed with delicious snacks, a daily notebook complete with a pen, and a water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout their busy workday, this energizing pack is a thoughtful addition to their home office.

Each item is carefully chosen to enhance their work-from-home routine, making every day brighter and more energized. Welcome to a workplace that cares about your comfort and productivity, even from the comfort of your own home.

33. Work-From-Anywhere Welcome Kit

Empower your new hires to thrive in any location with the Work From Home Anywhere Kit – a welcome pack loaded with high-quality swag to enhance their focus and productivity. Whether they're locking in on the next project or taking a break, this kit covers them. From warming up in the cotton blend branded crew neck to snacking from the new bamboo fiber lunch box, each item is meticulously chosen for comfort and functionality.

34. Snack Care Package

This thoughtfully chosen box of snacks is a gateway to heightened energy and inspiration. The Snack Care Package consists of nourishing snacks designed to fuel their first meetings, while the fresh vibes infused in every bite contribute to transforming their new workspace into a place of inspiration. Welcome them to a journey where every snack is a step toward success and every moment is filled with positive anticipation.

35. 30 Snacks

Treat your new employees a flavorful onboarding experience with our 30 Snacks kit. Each carefully selected item promises exciting flavor experiences, featuring good-for-you snacks and energizing treats that will be savored slowly.

Beyond just snacks, this box delivers an unforgettable warm welcome message, creating the perfect backdrop for virtual socializing, relaxation, or even participation in the new hire orientation activities designed with the expertise of Bambee. Welcome to a workplace where every flavor is a note in the symphony of your journey with us.

36. Rep The Brand Apparel Kit

Give your new team members a stylish welcome with the Rep The Brand Apparel Kit, designed to decorate their workspace and infuse a sense of pride beyond the office walls. This employee gift is more than just items; it's an opportunity for your new co-workers to carry the brand with them, fostering a connection beyond the workplace.

37. The Tech Lovers Pack

Welcome your tech-savvy new hires with The Tech Lovers Pack, a welcome kit packed with cutting-edge gadgets to kickstart their new job. The power-buds are not just earphones; they're your HR representative from Bambee, ready to answer all their burning questions.

The power bank ensures all company-issued devices stay juiced and ready for action. And when the need arises to locate important items, the Bluetooth tracker comes to the rescue, providing a sense of relief and thrill.

38. Bean Box Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Gift Box

For the coffee enthusiast on your team, the Bean Box Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Gift Box is a thoughtful and indulgent welcome. This carefully curated tasting experience combines coffees from award-winning roasters and culinary-inspired chocolates, creating a symphony for the palate.

The deluxe set includes eight freshly roasted coffees, eight artisan chocolates, and tasting notes for each pairing. The flexibility makes it even more special – send it as an eGift, allowing your new hire to choose between whole beans or freshly ground.

39. Workday Wellness Kit

Prioritize the well-being of your employees with a Workday Wellness Kit, a thoughtful addition to their onboarding experience that transcends past challenges. This pack, included in their onboarding kit, is a gesture of warm caring that anyone can appreciate.

Packed with wellness essentials, including a soothing neck wrap and a fitness band, it sends a message of hope for feeling, getting, or staying well. As we move beyond challenges, let this pack remind us that their well-being remains a top priority in our workplace. Welcome to a team that cares about your health and happiness.

40. Warm Wishes Box

This holiday season, express your appreciation for your hardworking employees with the Warm Wishes Box – a much-needed care package in our onboarding kit.

Picture indulging in fine wine, accompanied by a wireless speaker perfect for blasting Christmas music and a captivating gradient puzzle. Dive into the cozy vibes with camping mugs filled with warm cocoa mix and fragrant candles, setting the stage for an inviting atmosphere throughout winter.

41. Take a Break

The Take a Break employee gift box is a delightful surprise filled with thoughtful items. Unveil a Skullcandy wireless charger for easy on-the-go charging, candles to create a relaxing ambiance, notebooks and stress balls to turn moments into productivity, and a tumbler for enjoying a soothing cup of tea.

This box is more than just a welcome; it's an invitation to pause, recharge, and embrace relaxation and productivity. Welcome to a workplace that values well-deserved breaks and the balance they bring to a successful workday.

42. W&P Porter Sustainable Ceramic Food Storage Bundle

Embrace the era of sustainable living with the W&P Porter Sustainable Ceramic Food Storage Bundle, a nod to the new norm of environmental consciousness, particularly among the younger generation.

This four-piece set, designed by innovative brands like W&P, features a ceramic mug and bowl wrapped in protective silicone, reusable stainless-steel utensils, and a 36 oz. storage bag. Welcome them to a workplace that cares about sustainability as much as you do.

Benefits of Employee Welcome Kits

So why should you provide employee welcome kits in the first place? Are they worth the cost and effort? We believe so, because there are so many benefits that come from properly and generously welcoming new hires. Here are some that stand out for us:

Establish a Positive Workplace Experience from Day One

Welcome kits can significantly influence a new employee's first impression of the organization. They create a welcoming and inclusive environment for your new hires, which can spark long-term employee engagement and satisfaction. This initial experience sets the tone for the rest of their tenure at the company.

Strengthen and Seamlessly Incorporating New Employees into Company Culture

Welcome kits are an excellent tool for introducing new hires to the company culture. These kits can include items that reflect the company’s values, mission, and vision. Aligning the welcome kit with the company's culture can help new hires easily understand and adapt to the organizational environment.

Heighten Employees' Sense of Enthusiasm and Involvemen

A thoughtfully curated welcome kit tends to boost your new employees' enthusiasm and sense of involvement. It demonstrates that the company values and invests in its employees' experience. This heightened enthusiasm often translates into increased productivity and a stronger commitment to the company’s goals.

Express Gratitude for the Remarkable Individuals Joining the Team

Welcome kits are a symbol of appreciation and recognition. They convey the message that the organization is grateful to have the individual on board, recognizing their potential contribution to the team. This recognition helps in building a positive relationship between the employee and the organization, fostering loyalty and a sense of mutual respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a welcome kit?

A welcome kit is a curated collection of items or materials provided to new employees upon joining an organization. It is a warm and informative gesture to help new hires feel welcomed and integrated into the company culture.

How do you welcome a new employee on the first day?

Welcome new employees by greeting them warmly, providing a well-prepared welcome kit, and introducing them to your existing employees. Ensure their workspace is ready, communicate expectations, and facilitate training, expressing enthusiasm for their contributions.

What is the best new hire welcome kit?

The best new hire welcome kit is personalized, and aligned with the company culture. It may include branded items, tech gadgets, and thoughtful elements tailored to the employee's role and interests.

How much should I expect to spend on a new employee welcome kit?

The cost of a new employee welcome kit varies, but a common range is $20 to $100 per kit, depending on the items included and budget constraints. It’s not always recommended to spend too much on employee welcome kits, but some companies tend to go out of their way. That’s because great onboarding experiences ensures 69% of your new hires will stick around for three years.

Yes, a new employee welcome kit can be branded with your company name and logo to create a personalized and company-centric experience.

What should be in a new hire welcome kit?

A new hire welcome kit typically includes essential items like company-branded merchandise, office supplies, onboarding materials, and sometimes snacks or gifts to create a positive and memorable introduction for the new employee.

Final Words

There you have it! Any of these gifts will make for great additions to your employee welcome kit. By adding welcome kits and gifts to your onboarding process, you improve engagement and retention from the onset. So are you planning to create employee welcome kits for your organization?

For other gift ideas, check out this other articles in our resource:

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