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32+ Employee Wellness Programs for Happier Teams (2024)

Updated December 19, 2023

Managing a team to finish work-related tasks is a tough job. But do you know what’s harder? Keeping your team happy, healthy, and satisfied. Every business’s responsible for taking good care of their employees.

In doing so, the team can produce high-quality output consistently and will want to work with your company long-term—and that’s what you should be after. You must help maintain this relationship and improve the quality of life of your employees so they can perform their best at work. It’s as important as finishing and delivering results to your clients.

How can you help your team feel happier and healthier at your workplace? In this article, we will share with you all of our wellness program ideas that you can swipe to help you and your team level up your future workplace wellness programs. Read on.

What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness program or corporate wellness program is a benefits system to help maintain and/or improve employees' health physically, emotionally, and mentally. It provides several benefits, including:

  • Improved employee engagement;
  • Higher employee retention;
  • Improved physical health, mental health, and overall wellbeing of your staff;
  • Ability to attract top-tier talent;
  • Better work-life balance;
  • More productivity;
  • Happy and motivated employees;
  • and more!

We'll go into more detail about the many benefits of these programs later in this article. All workplace wellness activities and programs hope to develop and provide a collective of options to benefit the employees to make work life more of a breeze. This is to help them balance and nurture their well-being in and out of the office.

30+ Employee Wellness Program Ideas for the Workplace

It’s not easy to come up with unique wellness program ideas. If you’re having a hard time coming up with an original right now, feel free to take our swipes and use them to your advantage.

Here are 30+ employee wellness program ideas from us:

1) Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

When worksite wellness programs aren't possible, you can have virtual team-building activities. These can be anything from virtual challenges to group exercises and games. As long as it’s held online, not deliverable-related, and requires team participation, it’s absolutely a virtual team building activity.

You can run virtual team building activities platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet hosted by a company’s event specialist. The goal of a virtual team-building activity is to build relationships, improve communication, and boost employee morale.

The following are some of the most popular games for VTB:


Looking for virtual team-building activities that can help engage your team and promote employee wellness? Why not try out our platform, Quizbreaker? It includes all kinds of online team-building activities you can play with your team, including:

  • Icebreaker quizzes;
  • Trivia games; and
  • Escape rooms.

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Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

These activities help remote teams bond and maintain a strong sense of team, which can often be challenging when working from different locations.

They boost morale, foster better communication, and create a sense of unity. All in all, it helps make the team feel more connected and engaged despite the physical distance.

2) Personality Testing

Personality Testing

This is a fun and exciting way for any company to predict their employees’ and applicants' behavior before actually getting to know or work with them.

Corporate HRs, managers, and supervisors use methods like personality tests to know and understand their employees better. Personality tests are always used when collecting information about prospective candidates for job offers, role promotions, and salary increases.

Free personality test website you and your team should try:

Check out our list of top personality tests next if you want to see more personality-testing ideas for your employee wellness programs.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

This program is an effective tool for employees and managers understand each other better. Recognizing individual strengths, weaknesses, and working styles can improve collaboration, reduce conflicts, and increase productivity.

It also aids in personal development and career growth, making employees feel valued and understood. Oh, and it's extremely fun to discover new things about yourself and each other (who ever thought you were an introvert???)

3) Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee Pulse Surveys

An employee pulse survey is a set of quick-to-answer questions sent to employees regularly by workplace management. These surveys are carried out to gather employee feedback on recent changes and/or things they want to reform within the office grounds.

Pulse surveys are mainly about workplace-related concerns, which include communication in the office, the relationship of the people in the office, the overall work environment, employee suggestions, complaints, and anything of relevance that can make the workplace a little bit better.

Recommended Reading: 51 Most Effective Pulse Survey Questions [2024 Edition]

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Regular feedback through pulse surveys keeps the organization in tune with employee sentiments. It unearths issues and pressures you to implment improvements, which can further improve overall job satisfaction. Employees appreciate that their opinions are heard and valued.

4) Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible work hours promote better productivity and can improve the mental health of company workers as they go to work on hours that suit them best. Recent research shows that 58% of US workers say flexible working hours is highly important to them.

Flexible hours lift the pressure of coming to work on time every day as employees can work at their preferred hours and meet what’s expected of them. This is quite healthy since each employee functions differently at different hours.

The usual results of allowing employees to work on flexible hours are:

  • Employees will love the company more as it sees them as humans— that they have a life outside of work— and that they’re not just some money-making machines
  • Since employees can choose to work when their energy level is the highest, their focus is better. As a result, better productivity in terms of producing output and performance while maximizing the use of their limited work hours
  • It gives the employees a reinforced sense of freedom from the toxic work culture, so better mood overall.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Offering flexible working hours demonstrates trust and respect for employees' time. This program helps employees achieve a better work-life balance, reducing stress and burnout. Flexibility allows them to manage personal commitments more effectively. It's also quite easy to implement for most white-collar industries.

5) Access to Health Coaching

Access to Health Coaching

Access to health coaching and custom health plans that are personalized for each employee is very important. By providing access to health coaches, employees can succeed in their pursuit of achieving good health faster.

Coaching programs are invaluable to workers as they can help create systems that drastically improve the health of your employees—both physically and mentally—so they can perform their best at work.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Personalized health coaching programs address employees' a highly specific need. This individualized approach encourages healthier lifestyles, reduces health risks, and enhances overall well-being. It also communicates to employees that their health is a priority for the company.

6) Flu Shots

Flu Shots

You and your team can fight the flu season by equipping your employees with flu shots. Flu shots reduce flu-related absences. With flu out of the way, business operations will be uninterrupted, and deliverables will be met.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Providing flu shots at the workplace is a simple yet effective program that reduces the spread of illness and absenteeism. It demonstrates a proactive approach to employee health. You can do it once a year, and get massive benefits.

7) Free Healthy Food

Free Healthy Food

By simply providing your employees with free healthy food, you can bring your company a step, or maybe two steps, closer to success.

It’s not news that burned-out and stressed employees are prone to stress eating or other similar vices that can worsen over time. To address this growing concern, organizations are putting pantries or snack bars stocked with healthy food options for their employees.

With free healthy food available, workers are less likely to reach for junk foods at work—saving them money while saving them from the stress of catching diseases due to poor eating habits and consumption of unhealthy food options. Plus, workers perform better at work when they eat better.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

This program promotes nutrition and wellness. It can also improve energy levels, focus, and overall health. Employees will most likely also appreciate the convenience and the company's commitment to their well-being.

8) Gym Reimbursement

Gym Reimbursement

How this perk works is that the company pays for the gym memberships, personal training fees, and class fees of the worker. This perk is most prominent in purely remote-work employees and workplaces where teams value physical activity a lot.

Typically, a fitness or gym reimbursement perk extends access inclusive of both fitness and wellness facilities to help employees stay fit and healthy—physically and mentally.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Gym reimbursement programs support employees' physical fitness by reducing the cost barrier to gym memberships. Regular exercise is linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced stress and increased productivity

9) Childcare Facilities

Childcare Facilities

This is a perk most useful to busy working parents juggling work-life balance. A childcare facility is a perfect addition if your company is looking for ways to help employees who are juggling parenting and work.

By adding a childcare facility to your wellness program, you’ll be lifting the worry off the working parent's mind and giving them the benefit of having peace of mind while they do their responsibilities at work.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

As your employees start building their families, the time and energy demands will grow. Providing on-site childcare or childcare assistance helps working parents balance their work and family responsibilities more effectively.

10) Standing Desks

Standing Desks

Sitting for long hours is a nightmare for every office worker's knees, back, hips, and posture. Adding a standing desk in the office and giving the workers the option to work while standing and move more during the day. Not only that. It will add more comfort to their body but can also improve their health over time.

Are you looking for other gift ideas for your staff to show your appreciation? Check out these articles next:

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Standing desks are an amazing wellness program because they offer a healthier alternative to traditional sitting desks. Using a standing desk has show to reduce the risks associated with prolonged sitting, such as back pain and cardiovascular issues.

11) Workplace Library

Workplace Library

Setting up a lovely office library can give workers access to all sorts of books and magazines. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and you might successfully influence the team to pick up a new hobby—which is reading. It's a way to promote reading, learning, and creativity to your team members.

Don’t forget to update your library every once in a while.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

A workplace library will encourage continuous learning and personal development. It provides employees with easy access to a variety of books and resources for knowledge building and intellectual growth.

12) Book Club

Book Club

Starting a book club at work is a great way to help people grow intellectually. Book clubs also build a sense of community and give employees a chill space to relax and have some deep talks. Reading and chatting over coffee and books can boost personal development, creativity, and overall well-being.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Book clubs at work offer a unique way for employees to engage with each other intellectually and socially. They will also inadvertently become places of enrichment and community. Book clubs encourage diverse perspectives, and provide a relaxing and enjoyable break from work.

13) Telemedicine


Giving employees access to telemedicine as part of their health benefits has loads of benefits for both employers and workers. Telemedicine breaks down location barriers, making it easy for employees in remote areas to get healthcare services without a hitch.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Telemedicine services offer employees convenient access to healthcare without the need to visit a doctor's office. This program is especially valuable for remote employees or those with busy schedules.

14) Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation

Did you know that only one out of every ten people who try to stop smoking succeed every year? You can help raise that number, starting with your own employees, by offering a smoking cessation support program at your workplace.

Introducing a cessation program to your team members could provide the additional support and motivation they've been missing. In some cases, it’s not that they don’t want to quit smoking. It’s just that they can’t.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

These programs help employees quit smoking. They promote long-term health benefits and reduce healthcare costs.

15) Biometric Screening

Biometric Screening

Also known as wellness screening is an important part of any effective wellness program. Biometric screening helps individuals detect early warning signs within their bodies.

This procedure is done to recognize and track specific health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Employers may opt for biometric screenings to establish a baseline assessment of their employee’s overall health and keep an eye on possible health issues that could potentially lead to more severe health concerns or mortality.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

What you measure you can improve. Providing your team with access to biometric data could open up their chances of improving their health scores over the short to even long-term.

16) Financial Planning Assistance

Financial Planning Assistance

Integrating employee financial wellness programs can improve the financial well-being of workers by helping them manage their finances and reduce their worries. Employers should recognize the impact of personal financial difficulties on productivity, with signs like sleep loss, poor concentration, and physical symptoms.

Providing financial advice as a wellness program can positively influence the well-being and workplace focus of the team members.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Access to financial advisors and educational resources enables employees to plan for the future, make informed decisions, and feel more secure about their financial health.

17) Wellness Board

Wellness Board

Create safe spaces or avenues for the team members to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Consider implementing a comprehensive program from a place of love and understanding and find ways to encourage your workers to make healthier choices and break unhealthy habits that ultimately put their health and livelihood at risk.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

A wellness board will serve as a company hub for health tips, motivational quotes, and wellness challenges. It keeps wellness top of mind and encourages employees to engage in healthy behaviors.

18) Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Practice

Gratitude involves acknowledging and appreciating meaningful aspects of our mundane everyday lives. By introducing a meaningful gratitude practice as part of your workplace wellness program, the routine will keep your team members grounded and grateful and have an improved overall outlook in life.

If practiced consistently, gratitude practices can elevate your team’s mood and positivity in the workplace— all the more during trying times.

Three easy-to-do gratitude practices you can try right away:

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

A gratitude practice program boosts morale and fosters a positive work environment. It helps employees focus on the positive aspects of their job and colleagues, enhancing overall happiness and satisfaction.

19) No Work Zone

No Work Zone

Set up a work-free zone for employees to unwind and relax, free from any work discussions. Implementing no work zone as part of a wellness program where they can bum around improves overall employee health and morale.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Designating specific areas as no work zones allows employees to take genuine breaks. It helps them recharge and reduce stress.

20) Virtual Mental Health Support

Virtual Mental Health Support

Incorporating virtual mental health programs into the workplace is a proactive strategy that can effectively alleviate symptoms of mental health concerns. Virtual Mental Health Support encourages employees to take really good care of their mental well-being and promote a healthier and safer work environment for themselves.

Engaging in virtual mental health programs helps team members be better equipped with the necessary information to accomplish challenges, concentrate better, and give their best in their jobs. This holistic approach addresses mental health concerns and also contributes to employee well-being.

If you're looking for a good mental health support program, check out Better Help. They're one of the fastest growing online counseling platforms. One of the best things about this service is how well they adjust to your mental health needs.

They'll check things like your current problems, religious affiliations, and more. To date, over 4 million people have used Better Help to get mental health support. Check them out.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Providing virtual mental health support gives your employees easy access to counseling and mental health resources, regardless of their location. This is especially important for remote employees or those with busy schedules.

21) Community Service Days

Community Service Days

Employers or events managers can arrange a community volunteer day, allowing staff to participate in fundraising events and groups for causes they're passionate about. These programs not only create closer relationships among employees but also contribute to your community’s welfare.

Employee volunteer programs are a valuable means for businesses to promote community involvement. Beyond enhancing productivity and engagement, community service days elevate morale, improve hiring and retention, and cultivate a sense of purpose, teamwork, and belonging within the company.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Organizing community service days allows employees to give back to the community. They give your team a sense purpose and meaning, which can boost their productivity and morale greatly.

22) Walking or Running Clubs

Walking or Running Clubs

Encouraging employee activity clubs encourages teams to build connection and value physical fitness. These clubs can arrange regular walks, bike rides, or group exercises, creating a sense of community and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

These clubs promote physical activity and social interaction among employees. Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, and participating in a club provides motivation and accountability.

23) On-site Gardening

On-site Gardening

Dedicating an on-site gardening space offers employees a chance to connect with nature through a relaxing and fulfilling activity. Gardening has proven mental health benefits, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being, making it a valuable addition to workplace employee wellness programs.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

An on-site garden offers employees a relaxing and rewarding activity. Many studis and data show that gardening can reduce stress, improve mental health, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

24) Naps


Many companies nowadays acknowledge the rejuvenating effects of short naps in between shifts and have introduced designated nap spaces or "nap pods" in the workplace. These spaces allow employees a brief break to recharge, boost their productivity, strengthen their creativity, and sharpen overall alertness.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Providing nap spaces or nap times can significantly improve employee productivity and well-being. Short naps can reduce stress, enhance alertness, and improve cognitive function.

25) Remote Working

Remote Working

Embracing remote work options gives employees a flexible work environment. Eliminating commuting stress and giving them more control over their schedules helps workers improve their work-life balance.

Remote work can also gradually reduce burnout and enhance employee well-being and satisfaction. Moreover, it positively affects employee productivity, as remote workers report that their productivity goes up by 77% when they work from home.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Offering remote working options gives employees flexibility and can lead to higher job satisfaction. It allows for better work-life balance and also reduces commuting stress, important for companies with locations in congested cities.

26) Subsidized Ongoing Education

Subsidized Ongoing Education

Showing authentic support for ongoing education and professional development enables employees to enhance their skills and knowledge willingly. This investment in employee growth showcases an organization's commitment to its worker's long-term success and well-being.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Supporting employees' educational pursuits shows a commitment to their personal and professional growth. This program also helps employees stay competitive in their field.

27) Weight Management Challenge

Weight Management Challenge

Implementing weight management challenges in your workplace can spark teamwork and excitement, improving the morale and collaboration in your team. This simple and efficient approach enhances employee well-being, weight management, rapport, and healthy living.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Weight management challenges encourage healthy competition and motivate employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Oh, and they're lots of fun too! We're not exaggerating.

28) Games Room

Games Room

You can add a workplace games room for employees that they can use during leisure hours to have a space for relaxation and stress relief. Games Room is very effective and it can help build social connections.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

A games room can give your team a fun and relaxing space for employees to unwind and socialize. Taking breaks to play games can reduce stress and improve mood.

29) Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn are casual, voluntary seminars held during lunch with the employer providing free “lunch,” as the name suggests. These seminars bring together people from across the organization to collaborate, learn, and drive personal ambitions, team, and business development in a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a good opportunity for employees to network and build rapport with their co-workers, and it’s super good for their mental health.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

These sessions provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills or gain knowledge on various topics during lunch breaks.

30) Ergonomic Office Equipment

Ergonomic Office Equipment

Adding ergonomic office equipment in the workplace helps workers focus on doing their jobs and less on making themselves comfortable. Did you know that even just adding an ergonomic chair at work can increase productivity by 15-20%?

Ergonomic tools are equipment built for comfort, efficiency, and safety. Ergonomic furniture works to fix employees' posture, prevent arthritis, and reduce the number of work-related injuries overall.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Providing ergonomic office equipment helps prevent work-related injuries and discomfort

31) Pizza Parties

Pizza Parties

Not because the boss is bad but because there’s nothing wrong with occasional indulging. Employers often express appreciation for their employees' hard work and dedication by organizing events such as pizza parties, happy hours, cookies, and more. Simple appreciation goes a long way—especially to a worker’s mental health.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Who doesn't love pizza? End of story.

32) Gift Certificate Giveaway

Gift Certificate Giveaway

Gift card incentives can motivate employees to produce outstanding results for the employer and their clients. Along with it, gift certificate incentives can set a healthy competitive atmosphere within the office, especially on special occasions where gift certificates are reserved as a prize.

Why We Love This Employee Wellness Program

Again, gift certificates. We dare you to tell us no one loves them.

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Both the company and its workers can benefit in various ways from supporting and encouraging workplace wellness. The following are baseline benefits of employee programs that we’ve observed.

1) More productivity

Introducing wellness programs in the workplace enhances productivity by promoting employee well-being. Workers who participate in wellness initiatives are likely to feel better, both physically and emotionally, and in turn, be more productive at work.

Companies that provide solid wellness programs are more likely to attract new job applicants and enjoy greater company morale among their employees. If your team is happy, they are more effective in doing their jobs.

2) High employee morale

Employee morale is defined as the attitude and satisfaction of employees within an organization. Integrating wellness programs targeting the promotion of employee morale can demonstrate appreciation and value to employees, resulting in increased happiness and enthusiasm in the workplace.

3) Improve recruitment and retention of employees

By promoting wellness programs at work, your office becomes a safe and positive environment for your employees to express themselves. Tendencies are increased talent retention, higher energy levels, and fewer sick days for workers.

That said, wellness programs make for great employee retention strategies. That's because workers who are valued and appreciated at their workplaces are more likely to keep their jobs and stay for as long as they can. Good word spreads like wildfire.

4) Reduced absenteeism

Promoting health and fitness in the workplace plays a major role in this. If the employees are well taken care of, they’re not stressed about work-life balance, no micromanaging, and their needs are met, workers are less likely to get sick and take their time off work to get better—no time wasted. The bottom line is healthy people are happy people.

5) Reduced health risks

Workplace wellness programs help alleviate the stress all workers experience that causes health risks.

This is an effective way to prevent long-term diseases like diabetes, cancer, and other grave illnesses that can be caused by a combination of a job’s sedentary lifestyle culture, poor eating habits, and accumulated stress from work.

6) Building camaraderie among workers

Fostering camaraderie among employees through a wellness program like team-building activities and social events creates a positive and supportive work environment that enhances overall job satisfaction.

This sense of camaraderie promotes professional relationships, collaboration, and effective communication. As a result, workers are happily engaging in the community, and improved employee morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about wellness programs:

What is a wellness program for employees?

A wellness program is a corporate system that aims to support workers' physical, emotional, and mental health needs. It should offer various creative options for nurturing well-being both in and outside the office.

Why should a company offer wellness programs?

A company should offer wellness programs if it’s aiming to boost employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction while creating a positive work environment for its employees.

What should be included in a company wellness program?

Company wellness programs should cover fitness, mental health, nutrition, stress management, work-life balance, health screenings, preventive care, and incentives to promote a holistic approach to employee well-being.

Don’t forget pizza parties and gift certificates.

What do employees want in a wellness program?

Employees want wellness programs that cover physical and mental health, nutritional guidance, work-life balance, incentives, and community engagement.

By implementing a mix of these elements guarantees a wellness program that resonates with employees' diverse needs. To cover all the bases, you could offer things like stress management training to keep their minds in check, workshops on personal finance, and company support for activities like volunteering or mentoring.

It's more about making sure everyone's got the tools to handle stress and their career, and that they feel good about what they're doing is something worthwhile.

What should wellness goals include?

Wellness goals should include:

  • Programs that promote work-life balance;
  • Prioritizing the health and well-being of the employee;
  • Developing healthy physical, mental, and emotional habits;
  • Building and bridging healthy relationships in the workplace and outside;
  • Creating a safe space and supportive community; and
  • Eliminating unhealthy competition.


  • Discounted programs in health management;
  • Medical plan benefits;
  • Behavior modification programs; and
  • High-quality programs that can help improve employees’ certain health concerns.

Final Thoughts

Strategizing and executing wellness programs requires the involvement of the management and its team members. Wellness programs are great opportunities to interact with employees and really show them your appreciation and care for their well-being.

Going back to the topic of keeping your team happy, healthy, and satisfied… Again. It matters. With this in mind, employers can take advantage of wellness programs if they prioritize cultivating a great lifelong relationship with their employees.

Besides health-related benefits, wellness programs work well in addressing matters such as employee burnout, broken relationships in the workplace due to work-related conflicts, and other similar issues. It’s easier said than done, but always look for avenues to extend help to your team members so that everybody is happy, productive, and thriving.

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