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45 Awesome & Affordable Gifts for Coworkers (Reviewed)

Updated November 16, 2023 · 15 min read

Are you looking for a great gift for your favorite coworker, office buddy, work bestie, or at-work Secret Santa? Well, we've come up with the ultimate list for you. Check out these gift ideas for coworkers and look at some of the best gifts that go around.

Recognizing the importance of these relationships, finding the ideal gift for coworkers becomes an art in itself. Sometimes, sticky notes and your regular desk organizer won't cut it, but that doesn't also mean gift giving has to be costly or complicated either. That's why we will dive into a curated collection of a wide variety of thoughtful and unique present ideas. 

This guide explores several options that capture the essence of appreciation, from personalized office accessories that add a touch of individuality to their workspace to delightful gourmet treats perfect for shared breaks. 

Bulk Gifts For Coworkers

Bulk Gifts For Coworkers

It's always a good idea to buy gifts in bulk to show appreciation to a whole group! So, here are some bulk gift ideas for your coworkers.

1. Founders Fest

The Founders Fest snack box, impeccably presented, champions small business founders, women-led brands, and people of color. By spotlighting the delectable snacks and their visionary creators, this coworker gift delivers guilt-free treats while supporting a commendable cause.

2. Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

The custom-branded picnic basket by Koozie ensures convenient access to chilled drinks, snacks, and food during picnics, beach days, or parties—a surefire crowd-pleaser. Consider it an excellent Christmas gift for colleagues, who can put it to versatile use. Additionally, it provides an ideal base for creating personalized gift boxes.

3. Recipient Choice – “Let Them Choose”

Recipient Choice offers a thoughtful solution for colleagues who enjoy shopping for the perfect item. It revolutionizes coworker gifting with its constantly evolving library of corporate gifts, allowing recipients to choose their special gift with just a few clicks.

4. BTL SVC Gift Card

The BTL SVC Family of Cocktails is a gift that embodies craftsmanship and passion, featuring unique blends crafted with the finest ingredients. The BTL SVC Gift Card offers a perfect solution for those undecided. This is the perfect way for coworkers to give you freedom of choice since you choose from various award-winning, perfectly balanced, ready-to-serve cocktails.

5. Notebook Bundle Set

This Notebook Bundle is ideal for list-making, journaling, note-taking, and maintaining organizational sanity. Even for those not keen on writing, putting ideas to paper can provide a fresh perspective on evaluating problems, projects, and tasks.

6. Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug

Get this Smart Mug to give your coworkers a gift that keeps their hot coffee or tea at the ideal temperature. Your colleagues will appreciate the constant warmth, providing a refreshing boost to power through busy workdays.

7. The Eco-Friendly Box

This distinctive coworker gift comes with eco-friendly products that not only impress but also contribute to supporting the environment. A functional and environmentally conscious present that will delight your coworkers while helping reduce plastic in the ocean.

8. Bottomless Mimosa Candle

An exquisitely fragranced candle that infuses tranquility into any room or home office, the Bottomless Mimosa Candle is another gift that won’t disappoint. Featuring blends of blood orange, grapefruit, and bergamot, this candle is a calming companion, helping your coworkers navigate stressful days and adding a touch of brightness to their workspace.

9. Modern Sprout Herb Kit

The Modern Sprout herb kit provides all the essentials for growing edible herbs, even for those without a green thumb. It offers the joy of cultivating fresh herbs and elevating home-cooking adventures to gourmet heights with ease.

10. Virtual Group eCard

A personalized e-card from the entire team is the perfect holiday, birthday, or even farewell gesture for your coworker. The gift can also come with heartfelt messages and a beautiful digital bundle. Add memorable photos, a word cloud, emojis, and more to make it a special keepsake.

Unique Office Gifts For Coworkers

Unique Office Gifts For Coworkers

1. Turned Yellow

Give your coworker the unique gift of being “cartoonified” into their favorite animated TV show family with Turned Yellow. With personalized digital prints, choose backgrounds, submit photos, and see their cartoon character come to life—a thoughtful, personalized piece of artwork for any TV enthusiast!

2. Custom Fruit Infuser Bottle

Transform your hydration routine with this durable glass infuser bottle. Elevate ordinary water and cold drinks into flavor sensations. Whether it's your daily commute or any activity, this bottle is tough and attractive.

3. Tech Lovers Box

Surprise your tech-savvy coworkers with the Tech Lovers Box, a gift designed to keep them connected and super productive. Packed with essentials like blue light glasses, a Tile tracker, and a portable charger, this box ensures their workdays are a breeze.

4. Omorpho

Omorpho is a top product this year with its innovative MicroLoad technology. This compression gear, featuring targeted compression and loading, enhances athletic performance and recovery. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, Omorpho's science-backed approach boosts strength, speed, endurance, and recovery, ensuring your coworkers meet their fitness goals efficiently.

Personalized Gifts For Coworkers

Personalized Gifts For Coworkers

1. Handcrafted Valet Tray

Elevate your coworker's desk with a high-quality wooden desk tray that transforms ordinary office supplies into an interesting and artistic display. This stylish accessory adds a touch of order and sophistication to their workspace.

2. Cinema Box

You can also illuminate your coworker's workspace with a customizable lightbox inspired by vintage movie theater marquees. It's a fun way for them to display daily messages that match their mood, adding a touch of charm to their workspace.

3. VIP Treatment Box

Give your coworkers the VIP Treatment with this thoughtful thank-you gift. Packed with a wireless speaker, portable charger, heated mug, water bottle, weekender duffel bag, and more, it's a sure way to make them feel like total rockstars.

4. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

The Yeti Rambler 20 oz tumbler is the ideal companion for any beverage on the go. Crafted from robust stainless steel and featuring double-wall vacuum insulation, it ensures your coworker's hot or cold drink stays at the perfect temperature throughout the day. A thoughtful gift for the colleague who values a consistently enjoyable sip.

5. Fully Custom Scarf

Create a one-of-a-kind cozy scarf with a fully customizable design and messaging. Your coworker will cherish this unique conversation starter, making a stylish statement every year when winter's chill sets in.

6. Custom Steel Lined Wine Tumbler

Sip wine in style with this stainless steel tumbler boasting a sleek, modern design. Your gift recipient can now have a spill-free experience when drinking wine. This is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fine sips.

Thank You Gifts For Coworkers

Thank You Gifts For Coworkers

1. Gifts of Gratitude Box

Show your ride-or-die teammates some extra love with this perfect gift box. The Caroo gift of gratitude box includes a fragrant candle and matches, a cute succulent, a Republic of Tea Sampler tea set, handcrafted soap, a stone paper journal, and other productivity-boosting surprises.

2. Buy Them Lunch Card

Send your coworkers a customizable virtual gift card for a delicious meal on the company's dime! With multiple food delivery options, they'll enjoy browsing through the choices to find the perfect entree.

3. The Plant Club

Send a gift that creates houseplant mastery effortlessly with a subscription box featuring pots, plants, and tools. Building and maintaining a thriving indoor plant family becomes a breeze with this delightful and convenient kit.

Gifts For Coworkers Working Remotely

Gifts For Coworkers Working Remotely

1. Happy Hour Swag Pack

The Happy Hour Swag Pack is a curated box brimming with delightful treats for remote coworkers and employees, featuring a cocktail set, nuts, a tumbler, and all the essentials to kickstart the ultimate satisfaction party.

2. Van Gogh Sunflowers Mug

The Van Gogh Sunflowers Mug is an artsy coffee cup that adds sunshine to your coworkers' mornings. This customizable coffee mug brings the flair of Van Gogh to their home office with the bold yellows of the petals and red of the irises contrasting perfectly against a turquoise background in this remastered sunflower painting!

3. Workday Wellness Pack

Try getting this wellness pack for your coworker, complete with all wellness essentials like a face mask and a reusable water bottle. this gift box supports their health and wellness journey as part of a comprehensive program, offering items to keep them well and enhance their overall well-being.

4. Unplugged Box

The Unplugged Box is a delightful, soothing gift box designed to rejuvenate your coworkers after a challenging workday. Recognizing the screen time demands, this gift encourages them to unplug and indulge in some well-deserved self-care.

5. Resistance Band Set

Tailored to cater to diverse fitness needs and provide balanced muscle engagement, the Resistance Band set has five color-coded bands with varying resistance levels. Stackable and adaptable, these bands empower your coworkers to target different muscle groups conveniently, from sculpting arms, legs, or core, all within their schedule.

6. Serene House Diffuser

Immerse yourself in the calming scents of your preferred essential oils with this elegant diffuser. Offering a 360-degree aromatic experience, your coworkers will appreciate the soothing, refreshing, and uplifting ambiance it creates.

Birthday Gifts For Coworkers

Birthday Gifts For Coworkers

1. Outdoor Event Chair

This outdoor event chair is a hand, portable, foldable chair that transforms any spot into your coworker's preferred seating arrangement on the go. Unfolding reveals a comfortable seat with convenient beverages, electronics, keys, and accessories pouches.

2. BTL SVC – Premium Handcrafted 6 Cocktails Box

The BTL SVC Cocktails Box is a collection of six craft cocktails of your choosing. This gift is ideal for gift exchanges or Secret Santa with coworkers. Your colleagues will appreciate the rich flavors of these pre-bottled cocktails, eliminating the need for a trip to the local bar.

3. Custom Wireless Charging Journal with Built-In Power Bank

This high-tech gift is a stylish, refillable journal with a built-in 5,000 mAh power bank for wireless charging. This multitasking birthday gift combines functionality with a sleek design.

4. Cactus Stoneware Planter

If you want an irresistibly cute stoneware pot, this is one great gift idea for your coworkers. The Cactus Stoneware Planter is perfectly sized to complement a cactus, succulent, or small plant for a charming desktop display. This pot effortlessly enhances and elevates desktop decor.

5. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Embark on a thrilling virtual adventure with your coworkers as you collectively unravel the mysterious murder of billionaire Neil Davidson. This online experience offers an engaging and entertaining Crime Junkie adventure for your team to enjoy together remotely.

Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

1. Fun & Festive Coworker Mug Gifts

You should highly-consider this coworker mug gift if you want the the perfect gift for your coffee-fueled, on-the-go coworker. It's a thoughtful way to express appreciation, adding a touch of personalization with their favorite coffee or tea type, favorite saying, or a touch of humor. Choose a mug they'll love and use daily.

2. Treat Your (S)elf

Embrace the festive spirit with the Treat Yourself bundle. This gift is a winter delight for your coworkers. Thoughtfully curated, it includes an elegant wireless charger, artisanal candles, a popcorn popper, and more holiday goodies. A perfect gift for spreading joy!

3. Happy Pawlidays Care Package

Unleash joy with a pet-friendly gift box featuring a water bowl and bottle combo, a plush blanket, mini treats for dogs and cats, and a large pet bandana. The Happy Pawlidays care package is a tail-wagging delight for your furry friends this holiday season!

4. The Holiday Bundle

The Holiday Bundle is an ideal icebreaker to entertain friends, families, coworkers, and employees. These four thoughtfully designed PDFs can spice up Zoom meetings or be used in various situations, fostering team building and fun interactions. Perfect for holiday parties, these games bring out everyone’s competitive side while creating a more personal connection among colleagues. It's a delightful way to introduce fresh and exciting topics of conversation at work during breaks or lunch hours.

5. Wooden Cornhole Game Set

This solid wood cornhole set is an excellent colleague present for those who love backyard relaxation or tailgating. Built-in handles ease transportation, and the high-quality design ensures enjoyment for many summers.

6. Holiday Cheer Box

The Holiday Cheer Box is a heartfelt gift to spread joy in the workplace. This festive package includes a holiday candle, gourmet coffee, seasonal snacks, a coffee mug, and other delightful treats for your coworkers during the most wonderful time of the year!

Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

1. Mind Trap 3D Puzzle

This gift is a timeless wooden puzzle that captivates curious minds for hours, adding character to any desk space. It serves as the perfect excuse for a quick and enriching break.

2. Customizable Script Pennant Flag

Check out this customizable script pennant flag, a nostalgic pennant reminiscent of beloved sports teams. This old-school touch brings playful character to a cubicle or home office, sparking a sense of fun and nostalgia.

3. Sips + Snacks Box

The Sips + Snacks Box delivers the wine bar experience to your doorstep with charcuterie-inspired snacks. Enjoy winding down with a bottle of vino and a selection of healthy treats—a perfect balance.

4. Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses

Don’t miss out on these timeless Wayfarer sunglasses that easily complement everyone's style. Your coworkers will appreciate a personalized touch to their all-time favorite shades.

5. 3-in-1 Charging Cable

A versatile 3-in-1 charger set that swiftly powers up your phone, featuring flexible elastic lengths for convenient charging. Your coworkers will appreciate having all the necessary charging cables readily available. Perfect for executive assistants or office managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gift should I get for my coworker?

Choosing the perfect present for a coworker depends on the nature of your relationship and their personal interests. If you're not close, opt for something universally appealing and professional, like a high-quality notebook, planner for one's to-do list, a desk plant, or a gift card to a popular coffee shop or restaurant. 

For a coworker you know better, tailor the gift to their hobbies or interests, such as a book in a genre they enjoy or specialty items related to their hobbies. Always consider the workplace culture and avoid overly personal or extravagant gifts to maintain professionalism.

How much is appropriate for a coworker gift?

The appropriate amount you should spend on a coworker's gift can vary. Some factors you need to consider include your relationship and common workplace norms. As a general guideline, a range of $10 to $25 is usually acceptable for casual acquaintances or general office gift exchanges. 

For a closer colleague or someone you've worked with for a long time, you might consider spending a bit more, up to $50. 

Keep in mind that these are just common ballpark figures. It's important to stay within a budget that's comfortable for you and to avoid overly extravagant gifts that might make the recipient or other coworkers uncomfortable.

What do you buy a male coworker?

That depends on your male coworker’s personality, interests, and preferences. But generally speaking, male coworkers will enjoy more practical gifts. When buying a gift for a male coworker, think about getting him something he can use daily at work or even when he’s not at the office. 

Good options include a quality travel mug, a stylish yet professional desk accessory, a book related to his interests or professional development, or even a gift card to a favorite lunch spot. 

If you know his hobbies, you can choose something related, like sports gear for a sports enthusiast or a tech gadget for a tech-savvy individual. Remember to keep the gift workplace-appropriate and neutral.

Is it appropriate to give a coworker a gift?

Giving a gift to a coworker is generally appropriate, but it should align with workplace culture and norms. Gifts should be given on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or work anniversaries. Ensure the gift is modest and professional to avoid misunderstanding or discomfort. 

If unsure, consult with other colleagues or consider a group gift. It's crucial to avoid too personal or intimate gifts, as they can be misinterpreted in a professional setting.

Final Thoughts

Each thoughtful gesture has the potential to strengthen workplace bonds, express gratitude, and make your colleagues feel truly seen. From practical items to delightful experiences, the curated list offers various choices catering to diverse tastes. 

Ultimately, the key lies in acknowledging the unique qualities of your coworkers and selecting gifts that resonate with their individuality, fostering a positive and appreciative work environment.

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