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Get your team on the same page with workstyle profiles

Your team can add everything important to their profiles including unique strengths, communication styles, psychometrics & fun icebreaker facts

workstyle profiles

Every profile comes with fantastic features that will help your team do their best work together

Express your unique working style

A quick cheatsheet to learn how each member of your team does their best work and what their strengths are.

Working style

Self descriptor scales

Visually demonstrate where you fall on the spectrum for individual working styles.

Self descriptor scales

Display psychometric results

Team members can choose to show the results of various personality tests on their profiles including the Big 5, DiSC & Jungian tests.

Psychometric results

Icebreaker questions

Add up to 50 different ice breaker questions and answers to your profile, helping your team get to know one another on a personal level.

Icebreaker questions

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