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What’s New at Quizbreaker? (January 2024 Update)

Updated January 19, 2024 · 4 min read

New year, new beginnings! Many of us love the new year because it’s a chance to have a fresh new look at what we do and find better ways to do it. And that’s exactly what we’ve been focusing on at Quizbreaker.

As lean as our team might be, we all share one thing in common— we all believe workplaces should be fun and engaging. We hate boring jobs and disengaged workplaces just as much as anyone. And we’re on a mission to change that. This 2024 that’s still front and center for us here at Quizbreaker.

2023 Done - What’s 2024 Going to Look Like?

What’s 2024 Going to Look Like

In 2023, we made some massive changes to our platform. We introduced a new pricing model that makes your team engagement budgets more scalable by introducing a flat price for unlimited users. We believe this is the best way to serve our clients moving forward and removes the complexities of a per-user plan that has held us back in terms of idea implementation for a long time.

Also, we released a whole line up of new features and games last November (yay!). So now, what do we have in store for 2024?

For the most part, we still have a lot of new features in the pipeline on top of polishes and fixes to our user experience. Overall, the general direction for us in 2024 can be summarized in two words— user experience. We want to make it easy for teams to use Quizbreaker.

That leads us to a few new features that we have deployed as “phase one” of this overall initiative to make Quizbreaker more fun and simple to use:

Introducing: Kudos


We’ve shipped out a new feature called “Kudos.” One thing that has stood out is how crucial employee recognition is at work. That’s what Kudos aims to improve for teams who use our platform.

Think of Kudos as a virtual recognition wall. You can post “kudos” for your team members and get everyone involved in the praise bombing! Here are a few key elements to this new feature:

  • You post “kudos” for someone in your team when they finish a project, help a co-worker, close a client deal, and so on. You then tag them in the kudos entry and tell the whole company how awesome they are.
  • Get people to interact by adding comments and reacting to their kudos.
  • You can tag multiple people in one kudos if it was a joint effort.

kudos gif

Do you think this is an awesome feature? Try it out for yourself if you’re not using Quizbreaker yet. Sign up for a free account today.

We Now Have a Slack App!

Slack App

Yeah, yeah, we heard you, folks! Slack is undoubtedly important for company communications. Our team uses the platform, too, and we know how much easier it would be to get icebreaker questions, pulse surveys, and other activities there instead.

So we’ve launched a Quizbreaker app on Slack. That way, you can get notifications on Slack and easily answer icebreaker quizzes and pulse surveys. We’ll roll out more capabilities in the future, obviously.

This way, you can engage your team on one of today's biggest team communication platforms. To learn how to install Quizbreaker to your Slack channel, check out this tutorial.

Share The Love and Earn As You Do!

Moving on to a more business-related update, we all agree that sharing is caring. And we’ve seen how much love we’ve gotten from bloggers, influencers, and even our everyday users sharing our platform with people they know.

So many of our new customers come by referral, and what have you gotten out of it? Nothing! That’s on us, and we’ve made this right. We’re ramping up our affiliate program and opening it to all. That way, you get rewarded when someone you know or send our way becomes a customer.

Under the affiliate program, you’ll get a 40% commission for successful referrals. So if someone’s paying $588 a year, you get $235.20 from us annually, too (as long as they stay with us). Sound like a sweet deal? To join the Quizbreaker affiliate program, just sign up here.

Better Days Ahead

2024 will be an exciting year. 2023 was awesome, but we’re hell-bent on improving this year. And we wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for our community of users and patrons. For that, we are eternally grateful. Here’s to an amazing 2024! Cheers, everyone!

Patrick Mabilog

Article by

Patrick Mabilog

Patrick Mabilog is the Business Development Manager and Customer Success Manager at QuizBreaker and a lover of all things team-building-related. He served in Human Resources and Marketing roles before joining the Quizbreaker team.

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