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115+ Icebreaker Questions to Start Conversations (New)

Updated October 4, 2023 · 15 min read

Modern organizational life, regardless of culture, is characterized by essential teamwork. Yet, we often neglect the integration of ways to break down barriers, get acquainted, and build trust.

However, awkward silences and uncomfortable hellos don’t just disappear of their own accord. This is when you need a long list of quick, easy, and funny icebreaker questions to get the ball moving and make your team comfortable with each other.

Designed to be fun, interesting, and proven to accelerate team development, icebreaker questions are a great way to get your remote teams shivering with excitement.

Below, you’ll find 10 categories of questions that contain all of our favorite icebreakers, each with the questions in ranking order. We’ve covered everything from fun icebreaker questions to ones related to the job, to some old-fashioned ones, and then to some more creative ones.

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Fun Icebreaker Questions

Fun Icebreaker Questions

First things first, the crucial thing is that icebreaker sessions are fun. So, kicking off to a lighthearted start, these are our favorite fun and unique icebreaker questions for you and your team to try.

  1. Are there any interesting things your name spells with the letters rearranged?

  2. What's the weirdest thing you've ever experienced in your life?

  3. Would you go to space if you knew you could never return to earth?

  4. Have you ever been mistaken for a famous person?

  5. What's your favorite holiday?

  6. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

  7. What is the funniest thing you've ever received as a gift?

  8. What kind of reality show would you appear in?

  9. Which of Snow White’s seven dwarfs describes you best (Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, or Sneezy)?

  10. What song describes your life right now?

Get To Know You Icebreaker Questions

Get To Know You Icebreaker Questions

These icebreakers are simple yet effective questions designed to encourage employees to get to know each other a little better. They involve everyone and can be used with new team members or for teams who know each other very well.

  1. How many languages can you speak?

  2. What's your middle name?

  3. What are the weirdest food combinations you love?

  4. What’s your favorite place?

  5. Where did you grow up?

  6. What’s your favorite hobby?

  7. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

  8. Are you a listener or a talker?

  9. What was your last song on your Spotify?

  10. Are you a backseat driver?

Personal Icebreaker Questions

Personal Icebreaker Questions

Sharing our hopes, dreams, wishes and desires helps us to understand each other and form deeper relationships. These icebreaker questions are best suited to teams who know each other on a basic level but want to take their workplace relations one step further. We've even thrown in some weird icebreaker questions to make things interesting!

  1. Describe your dream holiday if money was no limit.

  2. What's one part of your daily routine that you wouldn't give up?

  3. What's the strangest thing you have ever wanted as a gift?

  4. Describe your dream wedding if money was no object.

  5. Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

  6. What is your goal by the end of the decade?

  7. What is your dream job?

  8. If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you would buy?

  9. What talent would you most like to grow and develop?

  10. What social media platform do you think best personifies you?

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If You Could Icebreaker Questions

If You Could icebreaker Questions

These icebreaker questions encourage people to think on their toes, be pushed outside their comfort zone and get creative. Again, these lighthearted and fun questions will get your team feeling relaxed and inspired to get to know each other.

  1. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you like to meet?

  2. If you could audition for a talent TV show, what favorite song would you pick and why?

  3. If you could have unlimited ice cream for the rest of your life without gaining weight, which flavor would you eat?

  4. If you could be a kitchen appliance, what one would you be and why?

  5. What record-breaking feat would you attempt if you could be in the Guinness book of world records?

  6. If you could have an extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?

  7. If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?

  8. If you could have an endless supply of food, what would it be?

  9. If you could speak another language, what would it be?

  10. If you could only listen to once album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Success, Ambition, and Passion Icebreaker Questions

Success Ambition and Passion icebreaker Questions

There is a great deal of pressure on employees to perform well in businesses. Getting to know what drives their success early on and in a different way to help you to motivate them.

  1. Describe an experience in your life that changed your values?

  2. Is it ever OK to waste time?

  3. Tell us one big problem you’ve had to solve this year?

  4. Using just one word, name something that drives your success?

  5. What three things would you like to accomplish this year?

  6. What new, or additional, skill do you think you need now to progress further?

  7. What is the reason you get up in the morning?

  8. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

  9. When you were six years old, what did you want to be when you grow up?

  10. What would you do if you have all the money in the world?

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The Worst Icebreaker Questions

The Worst Icebreaker Questions

All the other questions we present to you will be focused on fun, development and humour. Yet, it is important to focus on the lower times and to be reflective. If you feel comfortable enough with your team to ask these icebreaker questions, then we feel that they will aid your team in creating deeper workplace bonds.

  1. What is the first lie you ever told?

  2. What is your worst personality characteristic?

  3. What is the worst food you have ever eaten?

  4. What is the worst advice you’ve ever given?

  5. Describe your worst day ever

  6. What is the worst trouble you go into as a kid?

  7. Describe the worst movie you’ve ever watched?

  8. What is the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

  9. What is the worst holiday you’ve ever been on?

  10. What is the worst grade you ever got?

"Do You Prefer" Icebreaker Questions

Do You Prefer icebreaker Questions

Use these simple questions to lighten the atmosphere and add a little humour to your virtual meetings. Our top tip is that you could make these icebreakers into a friendly competition. For example , everyone puts their hands up if they prefer beaches and their hands down if they prefer pools. You could offer prizes for the winners, or just use the competition to keep the icebreaker games engaging.

  1. Do you prefer the pool or the beach?

  2. Do you prefer books or films?

  3. Do you prefer nights out or nights in?

  4. Do you prefer mornings or nights?

  5. Do you prefer watching your favorite movie or playing a favorite sport?

  6. Do you prefer dealing with the worst haircut or worst wardrobe?

  7. Do you prefer fruits or vegetables?

  8. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

  9. Do you prefer to dress smart or casual?

  10. Do you prefer cardio or weight lifting?

"Would You Rather" Icebreaker Questions

Would You Rather icebreaker Questions

Let's face it, we’ve all played this when intoxicated at a college party and found it hilarious. We can only suggest keeping it PG when playing it in the office, but we’re sure it’ll bring the same humour to your work team as it did to your college parties. “Would you rather?” icebreaker questions are also the best way to find out people's preferences, values and likes.

  1. Would you rather be able to run at 100 miles per hour or fly at 10 miles per hour

  2. Would you rather be an Olympic gold medalist or an astronaut?

  3. Would you rather fart or burp glitter?

  4. Would you rather travel back in time to meet your ancestors or would you rather go to the future to meet your descendants?

  5. Would you rather loose a guilty pleasure or live with your biggest pet peeve forever?

  6. Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

  7. Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?

  8. Would you rather have invisibility or flight?

  9. Would you prefer to always be slightly late or always be an hour early?

  10. Would you rather always be cold or always be hot?

Icebreaker Questions Specific To Work

icebreaker Questions Specific To Work

Lighthearted icebreaker questions are all fun and games. However, when it’s time to get down to the business of team building, we’ve also got you covered. Try these work related icebreakers when trying to create a professional environment or when forming new teams.

  1. If you could immediately gain one skill, what would it be?

  2. What's your favorite thing to do in your current role?

  3. What do you think the most important thing is for a workplace to have?

  4. What do you admire most in a work colleague?

  5. What coffee do you drink in your morning meeting?

  6. What do you think you contribute most to the workplace?

  7. If you could open an office anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  8. What is the longest you’ve ever stayed in one job?

  9. What was the worst job you've ever had?

  10. What's the best piece of advice a boss has ever given you?

One Word Icebreaker Questions

One Word icebreaker Questions

These are perhaps the quickest icebreaker questions. However, they are arguably the least insightful and the least fun. Nonetheless, stick a few of these in to make the icebreaker activities feel less like an interrogation...

  1. Describe the sun in one word.

  2. Describe your in-laws in one word.

  3. Describe the person to your left in one word.

  4. Describe yourself in one word.

  5. Describe your breakfast in one word.

  6. Describe your house in one word.

  7. Describe England in one word.

  8. Describe your weekend in one word.

  9. Describe your fashion trend in one word.

  10. Describe your car in one word.

Bonus icebreaker Questions

Bonus icebreaker Questions

Here's one last category for the road. Check out these bonus icebreaker questions without any specific category or theme. Do you want to mix it up? Try asking your coworkers, family, and friends these icebreaker questions next!

  1. Have you ever had an imaginary best friend?

  2. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

  3. What was your favorite subject in high school?

  4. Who would you want on your team in a zombie apocalypse?

  5. What's your favorite family tradition?

  6. Who was your childhood actor or actress crush?

  7. Describe your dream house

  8. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

  9. What's your favourite ride at a theme park?

  10. What year would you visit if you had a time machine?

  11. What's your favorite season of the year?

  12. What's your go-to dance move?

  13. Name one thing still on your bucket list

  14. What's your favorite food for breakfast?

  15. What would your entrance theme song be?

  16. Have you ever been bungee jumping?

Need more icebreaker questions? We've got you covered! Here's a free random icebreaker generator we created for teams, families, and groups that need overflowing questions for their get together, team building, or icebreaker.

Tips to Help Break the Ice Better

Tips to Help Break the Ice Better

Using icebreaker questions effectively can be the key to initiating meaningful conversations and building rapport. Here are five tips to help you break the ice better:

1) Know Your Audience

Tailor your questions to the group you're addressing. Consider factors such as age, cultural background, and the nature of the gathering. For a group of creatives, you might ask about their favorite source of inspiration, whereas for a corporate team, you might inquire about their first job.

2) Encourage Storytelling

Instead of asking for simple facts, pose questions that allow individuals to share a story. Questions like "What's the most unexpected thing that happened to you last year?" can lead to engaging and often humorous tales, allowing participants to connect on a deeper level.

3) Use a Mix of Light and Thoughtful Questions

While it's great to start with fun and easy-going questions, don't shy away from occasionally delving deeper. After some lighter topics, a question like "What's a book or movie that changed your perspective?" can spark meaningful discussions and insights into participants' values or beliefs.

4) Facilitate Participation

After posing a question, if someone is hesitant to answer, provide reassurance or share your own answer to the question first. This can make the environment feel safer for sharing. You might say, "I'll go first!" and set the tone for openness.

5) Listen Actively and Respond

When someone shares, listen intently and, if appropriate, offer a brief comment or a follow-up question. This shows that you value their input and are genuinely interested in getting to know them. Responses like "That's fascinating, how did you feel about that?" can encourage even more engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are icebreaker questions?

Icebreaker questions are used to begin an activity or meeting. They are used to introduce new people in an informal approach. They are normally more personal questions to learn more about one another.

What are other good icebreaker-type questions?

They are plenty of different questions you can ask when you are learning more about your colleagues and new employees. In fact, we have an awesome list of "would you rather" questions and "get to know you" questions that would be a great addition to any icebreaker activity.

What makes an icebreaker question good?

An good icebreaker question will help initiate a conversation, foster connection, and set a positive tone for interactions. Here are some characteristics that make an icebreaker question good:

  • Universality. The question should be relatable and applicable to everyone in the group, ensuring that all participants can contribute without feeling left out.

  • Open-ended. Instead of questions that yield 'yes' or 'no' responses, open-ended questions stimulate longer, more engaging discussions.

  • Safe. Avoid topics that could be sensitive, controversial, or too personal, which might make some participants uncomfortable. Stick to neutral topics that allow everyone to share without hesitation.

  • Stimulates Thought. A good icebreaker question encourages participants to think and reflect, offering insights into their personalities, backgrounds, or experiences.

  • Fosters Connection. The question should highlight commonalities or introduce diverse perspectives in a manner that helps participants relate to one another.

  • Light & Fun. Often, the best icebreakers are those that incite laughter and lighten the mood, paving the way for more serious discussions later.

  • Clear & Concise. The question should be easily understood, avoiding complex phrasings or terminology that might confuse participants.

  • Encourages Sharing: A great icebreaker will prompt participants to share stories, experiences, or opinions, thereby giving others a glimpse into their lives or thought processes.

How do you respond to icebreaker?

There is no right or wrong way to respond to an icebreaker question. But we suggest keeping it straight to the point and on the shorter end. You don't want to have long winded answers that might lose your audience's attention.

Where does the term icebreaker originate from?

Phrases.org states the origin of "icebreaker" come from: "These ships, known as ice-breakers, were equipped with strengthened hulls and powerful engines and were employed in the exploration of polar regions.

Soon after these ships were introduced the term 'ice-breaker' began to be applied to social initiatives intended to get strangers acquainted with one another. In 1883, Mark Twain used the phrase that way in Life on Mississippi."

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it.

100 of the best icebreaker questions that encourage conversations and help with team bonding & team building.

Feel free to mix and match the questions from different sections, this will keep your icebreaker sessions different and interesting.

However, remember that your icebreaker sessions are kept short and sweet - no one wants to spend all day doing this! You’ll probably find it useful to set a time limit - we recommend setting aside the first five minutes of any meeting for icebreaker questions. And then, it’s time to get down to business.

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of our epic list of icebreaker questions. Once you've gotten through all of these there really shouldn't be any ice between you left! Perhaps it's now time to try out some other team building activities.

If you want to go deeper with the ice breaking then you should also check out our list of the best icebreaker games.

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